Sen. Feinstein Making Sure NWO Arrives On Time

Before It’s News – by Barracuda

Diane Feinstein has a relentless pursuit to destroy our second amendment ,yet she says she has great respect for the constitution,saying I know it well and I have studied it,OK, so she is well aware that she is a traitor to the American people.

Feinstein exaggerates and says,what do the people need a bazooka.Feinstein also states that I have been a member on this committee for 20 years,yeah way to long.Politicians should have some kind of a time limit ,this way we can sweep the putrid crud out of office .Isn’t it a nice coincidence for Diane Feinstein that back in 1978 the San Francisco Mayor George Moscone was murdered and Diane Feinstein quickly took his place.Was he bumped off to make way for the gun grabbing Feinstein?

Senator Feinstein has made it a public crusade to limit citizens’ right to self-defense nearly as long as she has been in Congress. This is despite declining violent crime as concealed carry laws have spread and as 99.7% of registered gun owners are law-abiding.The Senator is bent on banning so-called assault rifles, even as 50% more people were killed by hammers and clubs in 2011 than by all rifles combined. That’s assault rifles and non-assault rifles, no matter what the magazine size..

12 thoughts on “Sen. Feinstein Making Sure NWO Arrives On Time

  1. Senator Feinstein,

    It is clear that you do not have any honor, and most likely had your fingers crossed when you gave this oath after the people elected you as you have not supported and defended the Constitution of the United States against your own meddling and abridgement of the Supreme Law of the Land: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”
    You must therefore recuse yourself of any further decisions related to legislation of the United States.

  2. With the little-known District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, the US became a “corporation” and Congress became its “employees”. The Constitution title wording was changed and the 13th Amendment was altered by removing the Titles of Nobility clause. Those people elected to Congress don’t work for “we the people”, they work for the “corporation” even though they are “elected” by us. That’s why they seldom, if ever, do anything that benefits us. The 2nd amendment was designed SPECIFICALLY to protect US citizens from gov’t tyranny. Feinstein is just another paid shill supporting the Zionist bankster agenda. The NWO game is over. If she’s so hell-bent on gun control, she should be tried and found guilty of treason, stripped of her US citizenship, and deported to a country where gun control is enforced. Maybe then she’ll understand and respect our Constitution.

  3. BS story. The NWO is already here. The United States IS the NWO. We go around the world making sure things work the way we want them to. We control the UN. No other country does these things. They may act as our proxy (e.g., England, other European countries) but they do so because we pay them to. Look no further, for we are the NWO.

    1. B, you are one step removed from the real power in your analysis that places the US in the NWO’s top slot. Americans are being used by international bankers as mercenaries, with us paying the bill. American politicians do the bidding of the international bankers or they are defeated in the next election with massive amounts of money sent to their opponent. JFK got whacked because he was ending the cold war, which these international bankers were making a fortune on, and he was going to be undefeatable in the next election. Senator Paul Wellstone got whacked because he was going to interfere with the Middle East wars for oil, opium, and pipeline routes.

      The US is not the NWO, we’re the NWO’s pit bull. God help us.

    2. Sorry B, but the W in NWO stands for WORLD. It’s definitely NOT limited to ANY one country If you want to know who the TRUE perpetrators behind the NWO are, look no further than Zionist Israhell.

  4. As for Moscone getting whacked to move Feinstein up to mayor to boost her political fortunes, I lived in SF at that time and highly doubt it. If ever there was an assassination where the official story was most likely true, this was it: A disgruntled city/county supervisor who had just resigned changed his mind and wanted back on the Board. When Moscone politely declined Dan White getting his seat back, the mentally unstable former cop sneaked into city hall past the metal detectors by going through a basement window with a .357 and murdered both Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk.

    When Dan White got a light sentence on a second-degree manslaughter charge for what was clearly a premeditated double assassination, Moscone’s and Milk’s political supporters exploded in what became known as the “White Night Riot”. I happened to come out of a downtown theater with my girlfriend after a double bill, completely unsuspecting that the riot had begun while we were inside. What we saw was that a march down Market Street by mostly white Moscone and Milk supporters had become a looting opportunity by blacks from the nearby Western Addition district, and the police were so overwhelmed that they were standing in clusters watching it happen. My girlfriend and I jumped on a bus and got the hell out of there.

  5. “I felt patronized and I felt he was somewhat arrogant about it.” – Senator Feinstein

    Hey Bitch, when you don’t know your own Constitution AKA LAW OF THE LAND and act like a child, then someone has got to re-teach it to you in simple terms for even you to understand. Obviously a bitch like you still doesn’t get it.

    Isn’t it amazing how she has the same evil grin on her face as Hitlery Clinton does. As a matter of fact, she almost looks just like Hitlery Clinton’s mother. Why doesn’t that surprise me.

    “When you’ve come from where I come from and you’ve seen and when you’ve found a dead body….”

    Let me finish your sentence there, Feinstein. “…you have to disarm everyone but me because only I can use a gun and you can’t because you’re a peasant and I’m a Zionist piece of shit.”

    Another great, one sided “Wolf Blitzer” interview. How come he snowballs all of his questions? How come he is not asking her any tough questions like he would with Ron Paul? How come he doesn’t question if what she is doing is right or Unconstitutional? How come he just assumes that what she is doing is right and is just asking her what she intends to do with it in the future rather than debate on it? WTF!!!?? I never watch MSM, but if this is what passes for MSM news, it’s no wonder CNN is just one of many MSM outlets that NO ONE ever watches. It’s not even news. It’s a script. A show with nothing to show for. No opinions, no nothing. Just a simple, “Well, it sounds good to hear from ya, Senator! Glad everything is going well. If you need anymore airtime, let me know as we love to have you on here again. Have a nice day!”. I mean really. It makes me wanna puke.

  6. If Liberty is too hard on these slugs, there are flights leaving every day. I’m sure they can find their comfort level of impaired freedoms elsewhere.

  7. What about all of those innocent people, including children that have and are being killed in foreign countries with drones and guns and all the innocent people that have been killed that governments consider casualties of war? Are their bullet wounds/deaths any less sad than anyone else who gets shot in an unprovoked situation? I don’t think so. Does it matter how big the gun was or how many bullets it holds? The person that gets shot and killed with a gun would tell you it didn’t matter. The facts:

    1. Someone invented a gun.
    2. Someone manufactured the gun.
    3. Someone made bullets to go into a gun.
    4. People obtain guns legally.
    5. People obtain guns illegally.
    5. Guns are used for hunting.
    6. Guns are used for protection (BECAUSE some use guns for weapons).
    7. Guns are used as weapons.

    A gun in the wrong hands, despite how many bullets it holds, is a weapon. A gun in the right hands (if a person so chooses) is self protection. On a side note, why would you put your finger into a bullet hole in a body?

    1. It is flawed logic to not allow law abiding citizens to have access to the same types of weapons (if one so chooses) as a criminal would have. The so-called “playing field” would not be level.

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