Senator Patty Murray Called Out On Supreme Court Partisan Hypocrisy

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United states Senator Patty Murray gave a speech at a Planned Parenthood rally at the capitol in Olympia, where she dogged on the Republicans for holding up an Obama Supreme Court nominee, made fun of Ted Cruz, and said Republicans “Watch Mad Men and think it’s a how-to.”

After the speech, I had an opportunity to ask her about Senator Schumer’s similar tactic of wanting to hold up Bush Supreme Court nominations when he was nearing the end of his Presidency. Senator Murray’s staffers blocked me as they shuttled her into the get away car, and Senator Murray had no interest in answering the question about her own party’s hypocrisy.

2 thoughts on “Senator Patty Murray Called Out On Supreme Court Partisan Hypocrisy

  1. That reprehensitive has yet to answer a single email or letter i’ve sent. Or the other Senator, Maria Cantwell are both wastes of real estate.
    They both refuse to respond to non threatening questions.
    Shall we talk about Taxation without Representation, AGAIN!??!

  2. My experience has been that if I get anything it is a canned response that doesn’t answer my original question anyway. I gave up on those two idiots long ago. Oh how I hate the leftist commies on the coast that keep them in power.

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