Sexist paradise? Luxury island resort to open – for women only


A luxurious island resort exclusively for women is set to open off the coast of Finland, with a strict no-men policy in force.

The brainchild of entrepreneur Kristina Roth, ‘SuperShe Island’ aims to inspire women and allow them to focus on themselves without the distraction of the opposite sex. The island will open to guests in June, but those interested in taking a testosterone-free vacation must apply in advance for exclusive membership, according to the website

The promotional video for the island showcases an idyllic resort offering relaxation and luxury, however simply being a woman will not be enough to make the cut – the finances required for basking in this all-female environment have yet to be revealed.

Roth is the founder and former CEO of Matisia Consultants – named by Forbes as one of the fastest growing women-owned businesses in 2016. The company had a revenue of $45 million in 2015, up from $23 million in 2013, according to the site’s rankings.

In 2016 ‘SuperShe’ was launched as a networking group for women, and its website offers articles on travel, fitness and women leaders.

Several wellness retreats in locations such as Hawaii have already being organized by the company. While the experiences were well received, Roth suggested that the presence of men changed the atmosphere. “When there was a cute guy, women would put on lipstick,” she told the New York Post, noting that this detracted from self-reflection.

Ironically, it was a man who led to Roth launching her feminist paradise. “His parents own an island on the archipelago, and he kept telling me, the island next door is for sale,” Roth said.

The possibility of male visitors to the island at some point hasn’t been ruled out by Roth, who says she’s not a man-hater. The exclusionary approach of the island doesn’t just apply to men though – so far only guests from Roth’s network of friends have been invited and future guests will have to be vetted to see if “they’re well-rounded and would fit in,” Roth said, adding “but I don’t want to be elitist.”

5 thoughts on “Sexist paradise? Luxury island resort to open – for women only

  1. Let me guess, everything will be built tongue-in-groove, and not a single stud will be used? She should also show the building process and she’d better not use a single man or tool invented by one.

    Leave it to another filthy kike to bring the world another destructive, money making temple to satan.

  2. I just made an appointment with my dr.

    To have my genitals removed.

    Just so I can hang out with the ladies.

    I mean…what can they say…?

    You look like a man…

    Plus you have man hands.

    Oh really…I say…

    Then I drop my drawers and prove it…


    I have no bawlz.

  3. This gave me great pain… to try and reduce men to a “testosterone” “distraction.” It’s so ugly and deplete of wisdom. I cuts creation in half and and leaves it wounded. It sucks.



    1. Dang typos. Sorry, forgot to edit. Meant to say…

      This gave me great pain… to try to reduce men to a testosterone distraction. It is so ugly and deplete of wisdom. It cuts creation in half and leaves it wounded.


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