SFPD Officer strikes, pepper-sprays homeless man

Published on Feb 26, 2015 by sfpublicdefender

San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi today released video showing a San Francisco police officer striking a homeless man repeatedly with a baton and pepper spraying him after the incapacitated man objected to being pushed off a Muni bus.

The video is the second to surface this year in which an SFPD officer appears to dramatically escalate his use of force after overreacting to a minor conflict. In January, a private citizen released footage of an officer trying to dump a paralyzed man from his wheelchair.

The latest incident, which took place Feb. 11 at Cabrillo and La Playa streets near Ocean Beach, was captured on Muni surveillance.

One thought on “SFPD Officer strikes, pepper-sprays homeless man

  1. Cops are nothing but a bunch of punks. It’s happening all over the country, and it all started at once.

    Abusing the citizenry is official police policy, and it’s only going to get worse and worse.

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