39 thoughts on “Sheridan, Wyoming

  1. Our America is unbelievably gorgeous, but yet the Jew controls it. Let’s put a stop to that….

    1. How? Most American looooooooooooooove the Jews, think they’re an ally and a best buddy. So very odd, since the Jews publicly speak of their hatred, use, and disdain of Americans, yet the love goes on and on.

      1. The younger Americans are starting to get it. This site has had a big influence, believe me when I tell you this.

  2. F%&k Wyoming.

    Hitchhiked through there going from Denver back to SLC in ’73. The main problem wasn’t the empties that were thrown at me (hair to the middle of my back in those days) from passing trucks (complete with Easy Rider rifle racks, of course), it was the full bottles & cans that could do serious damage.

    Finally jumped a train (out of Laramie, I think it was) that we were told was heading to SLC.

    Imagine our chagrin (there were two other guys with me) when we ended up in the trainyard in Pocatello.

    1. I have some beautiful shots of Utah. Too bad the Mormons run it. I see some awesome country out here. Sorry you got hammered.

      1. The only reason I went through Wyoming was because Colorado would throw you in a work farm for 30 days for hitchhiking back then.

        The reason I went to Denver in the first place was WELL worth the trip, however.

          1. Went through Steamboat Springs on the way to Denver (stopped there for the night).

            Early September, but it was still chilly.

  3. Ha! When I first saw this I thought it said Sanhedrin Wyoming. Oh well, not too far off the mark. Sanhedrin Earth. But not for long.

    Thanks for the pics, Mark. Something about wide open spaces that brings relief, beyond any stupid politics or people in the area. Wide open earth, ours.


      1. Hi Angel, I had not heard about this. Not even sure what the sign may be. But please say what you make of it if you can.

        Everything in me loves a tree.


        1. In all honesty, I don’t have an answer for you. I don’t understand why a healthy old, well established tree, with no high wind/lightning strike/disease/infestation, would fall. There has to be a reason. I’ve waited to reply in hope that they would explain. Haven’t found anything.
          However, I saw a beautiful sign in the Ladybug Swarm. It was seen on the National Weather Service Radar. 80 miles x 80 miles. ( Determined to be our Native Ladybugs, not the invasive/ nasty/ biting, Asian Lady Beetles introduced by the Department of Agriculture 1960-1990) 🙂 Did you hear/see that one?

          1. Hi Angel, yes very strange about that tree. Should I come across anything on it I’ll let you know.

            Amazing ladybug story. I love ladybugs. One of the few bugs I’d ever pick up (grin). I did not know swarms could be that large. I was treated to starlings doing that once. Went on for a few miles, but nothing near 80, still awesome, like a blessing, and a sign of order in the universe.

            I’m glad we keep eyes open for positives. Here are some starlings for you:




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