5 thoughts on “Sheriff Joe Arpaio Releases New Information on President Obama’s Birth Certificate

  1. Can we forget the silly forged birth certificate already?

    Obama bragged about being born in Kenya during his Illinois Senate run.

    1. This subject may seem redundant although the further evidence is again very damning. I’m personally very thankful for this further investigation. Yeah, Obama actually admitting out of his own mouth certainly should be enough to drag his rear out, and actually enough to never have stepped foot into the white(whore) house.

  2. That same info has been out for years.
    No government court would touch it.
    This country died when George Washington sent troops to collect a tax that hid distilleries were exempt from.

    1. Who’s expecting “govt. courts” to deal with this? They won’t, we know they won’t. This investigation is for you and I to deal out justice. We take care of our own abuses.

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