5 thoughts on “Shining a light on that dangling carrot

  1. Was it Country Joe and The Fish….1969 lyric…” be the first one on your block to have your boy come home in a box.” Back then men were drafted.

  2. That’s all these kids think about these days is the education and they think that during those 4 years, they’ll be ok and that they won’t get sent off to war or killed. They think Uncle Sam will be holding their hand 24/7 and keeping them safe and alive every step of the war.

    They are either so dumb or so naive.

    Well, so much for education. All it cost was a bullet to your head. Hurray! You got an A+ and certificate. A DEATH certificate, that is.


  3. Sadly, over the course of time, if anybody ever told the truth about war, often supposedly few would really be listening. But, to their credit, 95.9 million unemployed Americans have apparently NOT succumb to the pressure from the lack of jobs to obediently march to their own deaths for the totalitarian war profiteers. I believe that speaks of a HUGE lack of support for war by Americans.

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