Shocking aerial photos from Nashville reveal absolute devastation along downtown street after ‘intentional’ blast rocked the city

Daily Mail

Aerial photos taken above Nashville on Christmas morning revealed the devastating aftermath of a powerful explosion that rocked Music City’s downtown area just before dawn, sending three people to the hospital and causing widespread damage.

Local police have confirmed that the blast, which they described as an ‘intentional act,’ came from a vehicle that was parked on Second Avenue, between Church Street and Commerce Street, which is normally a bustling area filled with bars, restaurants and shops. 

Three people suffered injuries as a result of the explosion and were taken to the hospital for treatment. No fatalities were reported.

Images taken by NewsChannel 5‘s news chopper offer a bird’s eye view of the catastrophic damage that was caused by the blast.

See them here:


5 thoughts on “Shocking aerial photos from Nashville reveal absolute devastation along downtown street after ‘intentional’ blast rocked the city

  1. Now…. who would explode a bomb on Christmas morning?
    Would anyone other than the MOSSAD do this? This bombing is wearing a beanie on its head…..guaranteed.

    1. Why you know its the Mossad, no one is using the “T ” word you know Terr…. Terror… I’m having a hard time saying it Terrorism. Is it because the Mosssad is not a terrorist org?

  2. This is from a left/right pro-Trump site. He places blame:

    “Quite predictably, after the blast in Nashville stopped a Dominion audit, gun toting white supremacists were blamed. – This story is developing, but that appears to be where they are taking it, by using a photo of a ‘white supremacist’ with an AR-15 as a scapegoat. Milk it from both sides. Stop an election audit, and ban guns. That’s how the left does it, everything is a BIG FAT LIE to make ‘double efficiency’ possible. Kill two birds with one stone. Stop an audit, and bash gun owners. Those BASTARDS. Story developing, but here’s the photo they chose to use.”

    Photo here, but he didn’t say where it initially posted:


  3. First of all, why Nashville and second of all, where was the bomb squad?

    It sounds like someone couldn’t deactivate the bomb and told everyone to evacuate and let it blow.

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