SHOCKING DOCUMENTARY: Exposing The True Origins of HIV

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How can the origins of the world’s worst medical catastrophe be hidden like this?

In the following documentary you will witness how scientists cutting corners, in an attempt to be the first to create a vaccine for polio, let the HIV virus loose among humanity.

It is a truly shocking exposé of the world of science, which is all too often thought of as being a squeaky clean institution.  

Watch the documentary here:

3 thoughts on “SHOCKING DOCUMENTARY: Exposing The True Origins of HIV

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    This video is a PERFECT example of a propanda piece,.. a cover piece to hide the guilty, and promote a myth of “Mysterious Origins…”

    In the opening dialogue,.. the first statement the narrator makes is, that “we don’t know where AIDS came from”,… and later the AIDS virus was “isolated” in 1983.

    These two complete and utter lies doom this entire video to status of a shill, propoganda piece that it is.

    We know for a FACT, that AIDS was CREATED,.. HERE in the USA, by DOD, in co-operation with NIH (National Institute of Health), CDC (Centeres for Disease Control), and NCI (National Cancer Institute), and the largest DOD contractor in the 60’s,… Litton Bionetics.

    It was called: SVCP – Special Virus Cancer Program, whose stated goal was: “To make a new infective micro-organism,…. most import,.. that it might be refactory to the immulogical and theraputic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.”

    This Official attempt at creating AIDS, Ebola and virtually every cancer causing disease started with the NIH Grants:

    NIH-71-2025: Feburary 12, 1962 – Investigation of viral carcinogenises in primates

    NIH-69-2160: June27,1969 – Support Service for the Special Virus Cancer Program

    This is NOT listing or counting the hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of direct, and indirect research grants and programs that occurred between, and even BEFORE the given above dates.

    This video does talk about the link between AIDS, and the SV40 Virus (the trucking agent for the multitude of cancers given to people thru the Polio Vaccine), however, it does NOT disclose it was done INTENTIONALLY,… nor does this video mention Litton Bionetics, or Dr. Robert Gallo, who was intrigral to the enitre creation and morphology of wide spread cancers, and the growth of almost the entire Cancer-Industry and, how it is nothing more than a Population-Control-Reduction mechanism of the NWO.

    Bon Appetite – JD


    1. The thing about AIDS is that it’s probably sitting dormant in a lot of us right now, just waiting for the trigger. God only knows what the hell that’s going to be. This is only a theory I have, but I wouldn’t put it past these maniacs. Probably the injections will be the trigger. All I had to do was breath and eat to get stage three cancer, oh yeah I forgot, I took four or five years worth of so-called flu injections before I woke up and quit.

      Chemtrails could rain down this shit as well.

  2. The Dr. Gallo mentioned above by J.D. is also responsible for the fraud that connects HIV to A.I.D.S. in the first place.

    There’s absolutely no connection between the two, but if you test positive for HIV, they’ll insist you need a million dollars worth of A.I.D.S. treatments. It’s one of the biggest scams in healthcare, but I think chemotherapy takes the blue ribbon.

    But yes, J.D. is absolutely right. A.I.D.S. is a man-made disease, and securing the funding to create it is part of the congressional record.

    The title alone (“The Creation of HIV/A.I.D.S.”) was enough to prevent me from watching the documentary. The truth about this has been out for a long time now.

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