Shooting Spree In Denver Leaves Four Dead And Others Injured, Including Officer

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

On Monday evening, chaos unfolded across the Denver metro area when a man went on a shooting spree, killing four people and injuring three others, reported local news KDVR.

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said there were four incident areas where gunfire erupted. The first shooting began around 1700 local time. 

Two women were shot to death, and a man was injured in the first shooting at First Avenue and Broadway, Pazen said. Another man was killed near 12th Avenue and Williams Street. These shootings were relatively close and occurred within an hour. He said another two shooting scenes were at Sixth Avenue and Cherokee Street and Eighth Avenue and Zuni Street, but no injuries were reported. Then the suspect continued his shooting rampage in Lakewood, where police engaged the suspect. He killed one person and wounded two others, including an officer. Police killed the suspect after a hail of gunfire.

“This one individual was responsible for this very violent crime spree that took place this evening,” Pazen said.

Witnesses described one of the shootouts to FOX31.

“We seen (sic) the lady officer just yelled: ‘put your gun down. Put your gun away!’ And we just seen the suspect pull his gun out and, literally, shoot her, in front of us and she was on the floor, she was on the ground,” one witness said. “He turned and he kept shooting, almost shooting toward us, but my friend, backed up, just in time or we would have been shot, as well.”

Another witness told the local news station that the suspect “was a tall man with blond hair and a trench coat.”

The suspect’s identity was not revealed, and officials were unsure about the motive.

According to Gun Violence Archive, Monday night’s rampage is among the latest of more than 687 mass shootings in the US this year. Months ago, we said, “mass shootings are on course for a record year as the country transforms into a violent mess.

Pazen concluded by saying, “this is the holiday season; to have this type of spree take place is not normal for our community.”

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  1. Probably another “ mission” gone bad
    Quick erase all his information tying him to the Alphabet Circuses

    Or for all we know
    Just another MSM gun grab story prelude

    Anymore every dam thing is suspect

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