Siberian Tiger entertains herself by building a snowman

AOL – Buzz60

A tiger at a Russian zoo reveals an intelligent skill only previously ever seen in … amused human children on a snow day — the ability to build a snowman.

Zookeepers at the Kaliningrad Zoo say they first thought someone was throwing giant snowballs into the enclosure of Tanya, its endangered Siberian tiger.  

But the mystery was finally solved when video cameras captured the source of the snowballs – the female big cat was building them herself.

Zoologists say Tanya prefers to start the snow mounds after dark when she isn’t being watched, and then pushes the snow around until the snowball is large enough to play with.

So far it looks like she’s made two giant snow balls and rolled them together, but it’s a lonnnng winter, Tanya has time to make plenty more.

Next up, figuring out how to stack them.

And we’re guessing Tigers and snowmen/snowballs are a thing — because there sure are a lot of photos of the two:

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