Sinkhole empties small lake in Ocala

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Authorities say a sinkhole has apparently swallowed a small lake in Ocala.

Woodland Villages Association property manager Wes Herren told the Ocala Star-Banner that something appeared wrong with the lake on Tuesday afternoon.

By 4:30 p.m., Herren says his phone was bombarded with calls from residents saying the lake was “essentially gone.”  

Several residents reported the incident to the Ocala Police Department.  A dispatch center operator was told of reports that there was no more water in the lake, and all that remained were globs of mud and floundering fish.

Herren says he called engineers, area contractors and the city’s public works department for help. By nightfall, the lake – which once took up about 5 acres and was up to 8-feet deep in places – was drained.

Woodland Villages has about 700 residents living in estate homes, condominiums, townhomes and patio homes.  The sinkhole is in front of the subdivision’s club house.

Herren says a similar incident happened in 1996.


Information from: Ocala Star-Banner
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3 thoughts on “Sinkhole empties small lake in Ocala

  1. Anyone hear about so many sinkholes appearing all over the place before fracking became common practice?

    They’re pumping millions of gallons of highly pressurized water (mixed with toxic chemicals) underground to cause fractures to release gas. That water has to go somewhere, and there’s no way it can avoid washing away tons of soil, thereby undermining whatever stands above it. In addition to the forced erosion cause by the water, they’re opening up holes that could have incalculable amounts of empty space beneath them.

    In addition to poisoned ground water, and flammable tap water, this new mining technique seems as if it were designed to cause sinkholes, but of course, no one wants to make the connection to fracking, because that would endanger their profit margin.

    1. Actually, yes I have. Many of the ponds that floridians call lakes were formed by sink holes. So I don’t find anything out of the ordinary here. There is no oil on land in Fl that I’m aware of and the state has prohibited oil exploration in it’s waters.
      In Louisiana on the other hand…

  2. There’s about 50 different ways to view strata up to 1000′ + in depth to the extent they can tell what the formations are & what their composition is. Someone is doing the smoke & mirror thing again…..kind of like the water line leak fix that’s been going on at the White House since Barry & the Mrs. moved in……nothing strange there!!!! Remember Evergreen Air & the poison chemtrails…..Continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

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