Small Business Closures Soar Back Near Pandemic Peak As “Financial Hopelessness” Builds

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Despite trillions in Fed “stimulus” and endless government handouts, John Stanford, co-executive director of the Small Business Roundtable, told CNBC this week that “it continues to be a very painful time for small businesses.”

“We have to remember, PPP was a bridge program,” Stanford said.

“It was meant to keep people on the payroll, it wasn’t meant necessarily to keep businesses open.”

In what will likely come as a surprise to many, amid political pressure to reopen nationwide – since lockdowns have been shown to be utterly useless – 22% of U.S. small businesses were closed in February, up significantly from October’s 14%, and back near May’s pandemic peak when 23% of small and medium-size businesses closed (just 1 percentage point higher than the current closure rate).

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7 thoughts on “Small Business Closures Soar Back Near Pandemic Peak As “Financial Hopelessness” Builds

  1. Good friend and vendor to me , just closed his business
    Said he had enough of the bullshit and was getting out while he still could
    Probably been in business 50 years

      1. Yes it is , Mary
        I’ve been trying to either find a buyer for mine .. looks like that’s probably not going to happen
        I could be in his shoes soon if this year doesn’t pick up
        Been at this 40 years
        I’ve had enough too

    1. Everything is focused to make it hard as possible to survive out here, they are trying anything and everything possible to expedite death.

      Suicides are through the roof, depression, you name it. The evil is coming from a thousand different directions.

      Bilderberg 101..

      We start hanging billionaires, it stops.

      1. “We start hanging billionaires, it stops.”

        Right on

        This living to work and working to live just sucks the fcking life right out of ya

    2. A Damn shame, sorry to hear this. Hopefully after the smoke clears he can be part of the cottage industry that first colonists created, before the joos took control of it.

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