Snake Blamed for burning down home

Published on Mar 21, 2013 by RussianBoss61

Authorities believe a homeowners response to finding a  snake in her yard may have led to the fire that destroyed her house Wednesday.

The fire sparked at a home on Will Smith Road in the Liberty Eylau area of Bowie County TX just before 7 p.m.

While cleaning up she saw snake threw gasoline on the snake lit the snake on fire said Deputy Randall Baggett with the Bowie County Sheriffs Office. The snake went into the brush pile and the brush pile caught the home on fire.

Despite the efforts of several fire departments that responded to thescene the flames completely engulfed the home. It is a complete loss. Aneighboring home was also damaged on one side.

The fire remains under investigation.

There has been no word from officials on whether charges will be filed

Credit KSLA

11 thoughts on “Snake Blamed for burning down home

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        1. Aw man Angel, you got a laugh out of me this early in the morn. and that is perty hard to do,thanks Angel, that`s a good way to start my day off. I never knew what a Aggie was. 🙂

  1. Boy is she dumb. That snake was there probobly looking for food so that would tell me that she has a rodent problem. But still , dousing a snake with gas ?, she is not very smart at all.

      1. People like that won’t last long once the SHTF, digger.

        The gene pool’s too polluted as it is, anyway.

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