Snowden To Leave Russia ASAP

Before It’s News – by Monica Davis

News sources are reporting that Edward Snowden has worn out his welcome in Russia. Russian media are saying “NSA-leaker Edward Snowden will leave Russia as soon as he gets such opportunity, but for now the situation is unclear, says Russian President Vladimir Putin.”  

“He is familiar with the conditions of granting political asylum, and judging by the latest statements, is shifting his position. The situation is not clear now,” Putin said. MOREHERE

Snowden has been looking for a place to roost for months. However, he has run up against Uncle Sam’s long reach. Most of the countries of the world fear going up against Uncle Sam and international law.  The US calls Snowden a criminal and is using the international legal system to demand that countries not give him asylum. The government is demanding his arrest and extradition to the US.

Snowden’s leaks have paved the way for a massive lawsuit against the government. Prior to his revelations, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other organizations could not prove they had the rgiht to challenge government surveillence.

 When Edward Snowden revealed that Americans were, in fact, being spied on, the EFF and other privacy organizations cleared the first major hurdle, as they can now prove they have a right to challenge government surveillance in court.  And, this recent ruling removed the NSA’s second line of defense to a legal challenge.   The only barrier now to a constitutional challenge is so-called “sovereign immunity” – which means these organizations can’t sue the government unless the government allows them to do so.  It is still a major hurdle, but the EFF isn’t giving up without a fight.  MOREHERE

The government is anxious to get its hands on Snowden. They want to plug the leak.

2 thoughts on “Snowden To Leave Russia ASAP

  1. I am beginning to agree with those who suspect that Snowden is some kind of Trojan horse. He has been offered asylum by close to 20 different countries and has subsequently backed away from each offer. This appears to be some kind a test to root out leaders who are opposed to US authority.

  2. As counter-intelligence goes and dis-information, I cannot discount that snowden may be an asset. However, I do not believe the goal is to spot the those that refuse to subjugate themselves. They already know who is their enemy. The goal may be to sil nice the channels; drive underground those that are willing to organize. It is a simple tactic of scattering to the wind, and see what “scum” rises yo the top. In other words, they are scared and trying to root out the most battle hard ended among us…once identitied, they will be framed or eliminated. Sporadic uprisings and retreats will muddy the waters. We must begin a discipline of counterintelligence ourselves. Create false positives. When they are chasing their tails the flee will bite them in the ass.

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