So are Voter ID Laws a Good Idea?

The mainstream propaganda is filled with alternating and contrary assertions as to the right and wrong in reference to Voter ID laws, and boy, if you buy into the false left-right paradigm, what a wonderful time you must be having.  I mean what a debate.

From the false left we have, “If Voter ID laws are passed and enforced, the poor and minorities will not be allowed to vote because they cannot afford to identify themselves.”  And then from the false right we have, “Without Voter ID laws dead people and foreigners will be voting in our election which could affect the outcome, and hey, let’s face it, you have to have an ID card to drive, get a job, get on a plane, buy a train ticket, and cash a check.”

Of course identification is not necessary to get welfare, food stamps, and free medical care.

So does the false left have a good point here or does the false right?

How about this.  SHUT UP!!!

What the hell is the matter with these people actually participating in this debate?  Both the false left Demorats and false right Republiscums, via their private elitist conventions, have made it absolutely, unquestionably clear that the election process in the United States is and has been for a very, very, very long time, an absolute fraud.  So what the hell does it matter who votes in a fraudulent election?

The company in Spain that will be counting the votes certainly must not care as they will give the election return that they are paid to provide.  And let’s face it, even if this were a legitimate election, the peasant vote doesn’t have one damn thing to do with who is elected president as the contest will be decided by the Electoral College, which has to be, in accordance with logic and reason, as absolutely corrupt and corporate controlled as the false private parties.

It is a shame that at the very least the elite couldn’t do away with the sham of an election and give we American nationals the billions of dollars being spent on this production that no one is going to buy into anyway.  They could forgo for themselves paying for their phony candidates flying around the country pretending to court the vote of the common people and we could use the money to buy more guns and ammo to shoot their asses with.

When are we going to cut through the bullshit and quit playing these games?  The sooner we eject this socialist insurgency, the sooner we can get back to living and enjoying our lives.  They are treasonous by definition and are working fervently to destroy our Republic and murder us through a diabolical genocide.  We are in the right and have the right as our last right to defend our lives against those hell bent on taking them away from us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

6 thoughts on “So are Voter ID Laws a Good Idea?

  1. Excellent article….
    Without legitimate elections, you don’t have a legitimate government.
    The private companies, RNC and DNC, use their power to keep any other candidate from the reach of the people.
    Elections are a costly piece of theatre, and if they get their way, they won’t have to deal with faking their “selections” anymore…because then it will be a complete, open, fascist state. The velvet glove is slowly coming off…

    This country needs a huge do over.

  2. I would feel like a fool if I were standing on line to vote in one of our sham elections now, but after the revolution we should change the process dramatically. First we need to remember that the constitution does NOT guarantee any “right to vote”, and in the past women couldn’t vote, and at other times, voting was a privilege limited to landowners.

    I would suggest that people should take a test before they can vote, and just like you need to pass a test before you can drive a car, you would be given a “license to vote” once you’ve proven that you’re literate, well informed, and understand something about how our government is supposed to operate.

    The average American isn’t qualified to vote. They ignore current events, believe whatever the TV tells them, and usually know nothing about the candidates they’re voting for. They vote for sociopaths because they’re “cute”, or because “it’s about time we had a black president**”, or because “I liked him in ‘The Terminator’,” and this obviously, is no way to choose someone who will lead this nation. Once we exclude the idiots from the voting process, it will be a lot easier to prevent lunatics from seizing power.

    **on that note, I’d like to remind liberals that voting for someone because “it’s about time we had a black president”, is just as racist a statement as saying “I would never vote for a negroid”, because in either case, you’re making predictions about his behavior based on his skin color.

  3. The single fact alone that the votes are being tallied in a FOREIGN country shows just how blatant the treason to the Republic is! (the fake ballots that is)

  4. In Israel, citizens must declare their allegiance to Israel; if they are a dual citizen they must declare their allegiance to Israel or lose all rights of citizenship. Yet in America dual citizens and those with no American ID are allowed to vote in American electiosn that effect all Americans. Why are such individuals allowed to do so? Why are dead people allowed to vote? Why are dogs and other pets allowed to vote? Yes, I strobly believe you must have an American ID to vote!

    1. I absolutely agree. We should make sure that everyone voting in the fraudulent election is a legitimate fool.
      You really should read the whole article before commenting. LOL

  5. I have not voted since the 2008 primary election. I do not condone the actions of the US government and I will not be a willing participant in its schemes.

    There will never be a legitimate vote count while the purse is controlled by foreign agents (Fed.) The US is occupied territory.

    Paper ballots counted in the open would be a good start. You should be able to verify every vote as legitimate so it is obvious everyone needs to be ID’d to avoid duplicates and to aid vote verification. Put your name at the top! No more secret ballots.

    The same logic applies to outlawing voice votes in Congress. If the people would hold themselves accountable, there would be little need for politicians.

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