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On our survivalist web site we get lots of questions from people considering becoming Preppers/Survivalists.  In the course of these contacts we’ve met lots of different types of people and that gives me hope for the future.  We’ve been amazed how many people are waking up, as compared to 25+ years ago – when there was no one we could talk to!

Some people who have contacted us are sincerely looking for information on how to prep, while others are looking for an excuse not to prep.  Then there is another type of person considering prepping. These people remind me of an old story about the Empire State Building.

As the story goes, a man rode the elevator to the outdoor observation platform of the Empire State Building.   Once there, he climbs over the fence and jumps off the platform, 101 stories up.  As he passed their window, people standing at the 50th floor windows could plainly hear the jumper say, “I’m OK so far!”

And that’s how it is for most people.   As long as the problem is down the road, it’s not something to worry about today. That is why we call people like that the “I’m OK so Far” crowd. Time and again we have heard  from people who tell us that their plan is to retire in 2015 and then they will look into  getting some storage foods and a bug out place. You see, their plans are based on their comfort zone,   not on reality.

With all the worries the world holds for us today, we need to be cautious of being too complacent when it comes to our preparations for what is soon coming down the pike. We all have our favorite pundits –   for some of us that would be Gerald Celente, for others Alex Jones, some follow Steve Quayle and others. None of the pundits are predicting a rosy future. Food Riots, Dollar Collapse and War are just a few of the concerns that face us in the near future.   Take a look at these headlines (Caution: if this stuff is news to you, it will probably piss you off):

Food Shortages

Dollar Collapse


For many people, understanding the rational of global war is where their minds fall into cognitive dissonance, that is, the inability to deal with the reality of a specific situation, such as, “I know the government would never start an unjust war.”  It is this cognitive dissonance that keeps some from taking their foot off third base so that they can get to home plate.

Why would any rational, sane mind want global nuclear war with millions – possibly billions – dead????  Eugenics.  The elite are into death cults, and they are nostalgic for the days when they, TPTB,  used to place a dead animal in the village well to kill off the surplus population.  Now these mad men have nuclear weapons and can do a lot more damage than placing a dead rat in a well. Their stated goal is to kill off all but 500 million people, who will then have the honor of acting as their surfs/slaves.

The food shortage is a constructed crisis.  Making gasoline from  corn was a good method of making corn prices skyrocket.  Add to that a manufactured drought (HAARP/Chemtrails induced), and now there is no corn to speak of in the USA.  Cows at feed lots are now being fed spoiled candy and pastries due to the extreme drought and loss of the corn crop in the Midwest.  Many other crops are failing all over the world as well.  It’s an established fact that famine in coming to our near future.

And when it comes to the dollar collapse, the evidence is very clear to anyone who is watching.  Even Max Keiser said yesterday on Alex Jones that he predicts a 70% inflation rate by next Spring.  Let’s put that into perspective.

Eggs $2.50 per dozen now, after 70% inflation by Spring will cost $4.25

Gas at $3.90 will cost $6.63

and $50 worth of clothing will cost $85

The simple fact  is that most Americans will not be able to cope with our financial future.  Precious few are coping today!  If you don’t already have a supply of good, wholesome storage foods, get some now.  If you live in a high population density area and don’t have a place to get away to, find that place now!

The truth is that our immediate future is not rosy.  Still we have hope for  a brighter future after the chaos and hope very much that many of the “I’m OK so far” and “Survival Tourist” types  and others will join us in the future world.  But the need to begin prepping is real and it is now.

I want to offer this invitation to you to contact us.  If you have any questions that we may be able to help with, please drop us a line.  Time is short.

Dan and Sheila are the authors of Surviving Survivalism – How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock and hosts of the free podcast, “Still Surviving with Dan and Sheila”, both available at  http://survivingsurvivalism.com/  For information about their survival community, or for other questions, they can be reached at surviving@lavabit.com

2 thoughts on “OK So Far

  1. Just in case anyone is interested, abut 35 years ago I hung it up in the States and moved to Costa Rica when at that time a dollar (500 colones) a day would feed a family of five very well. Now, believe it or not, food prices and prices in general here are HIGHER than in the States. A dozen eggs costs $3, a gallon of gas $7, and a pound of rice $2. Prices here are also higher than in Iran.

  2. We have heard from several people in Latin America who can’t wait to get back home. A couple in the Dom Rep, another in Costa Rica and a guy in Columbia, he is looking for a tribal culture to live among.

    But all three are saying the the sentiment of the locals is not very friendly and inflation is eating away their money ( same as it is here I guess). Suffice to say from what I have been hearing most ex pats want to come home, except for the guy living in the mountains of Columbia ( I kinda envy him).


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