So Called Patriots Who Hate From the Trenches

I am bringing forth a series of email correspondence in order to show you people how those claiming to be a part of the movement truly hate From the Trenches because they do not control it.  These are the same people whose stupid decisions have led us to our ruin.

I confronted one of these fellows last year and told him to come to the street in front of my house and I would whip his ass.  He reported me to the Tennessee Fusion Center, which forwarded the complaint to the Oregon Fusion Center.  I received an email saying that the complaint had been dismissed because it lacked validity and the investigator advised me against inviting people to my house to fight.  

I despise these low life cowards pretending to be patriots every bit as much as I despise the soviet socialist invasion forces, as they are complicit through their arrogance in thinking a freedom movement cannot exist that they do not exercise control therein.

(This is a response on the comment section for this morning:  To one of these so called patriots who, being the failures they are, actually have the unmitigated gall to judge us.  This bitch can go back to her farm and bury her head in the horseshit.  We do not need her.  These are people who have sat on their asses and voted Democrat or Republican for the past 20 years while people like me were having their bones broken, their blood spilled, and their freedom taken away for defending our Bill of Rights when it wasn’t the most popular or safe thing to do.  Sunshine patriots, well they can all go straight to hell and we here at From the Trenches will continue our struggle unabated.  However, once the Republic is restored, we are going to hunt these worthless sons of bitches down and deport them so that their ignorance can never cause us harm again.)

Here is the exchange between myself and the all knowing webmaster, JM, who really should have built From the Trenches if he would have had the balls and the brains to do so.


Hi Henry,

I see you are having trouble with siteground. I put up a post about it pertaining to using hostgator, based in Houston, as a host, whose rates are no higher than siteground for a vps, + better uptime, + great USA support via phone. Moving a WP site like FTT to another server with the hostgator standard cpanel should be fairly easy. I hope you do backups every day, since sites like FTT/WRH/BIN/ATS etc are all targets of the regime.

Considering the rapidly increasing popularity of the genre of FTT, and the huge expansion of the audience, it seems like your ad rates are damn cheap. The average CPC for prepper/survival etc ranges from $1.25  – $3.00. Have you tracked the actual CTR from your site for each ad? Do you have a heat map for your site, which could be used to adjust rates?

Your ad page copy seem like you could rewrite it to be a bit more aggressive in the description of the site.

I think getting a sponsor brand in front of 370k uniques a month @ $150 each month – is very inexpensive. At 800K PV a month, $150 for a rotator is also too cheap. Your CPM is only around 18 cents. Why so cheap? I have seen tons of truth sites, and your WP layout, navigation etc is very easy to handle. I would start charging $250 + for a 160 px ad.

I would also maybe get your site quantified at by adding their tracking code. This helps sell ads.

Even though with panda, G is not ranking KW as highly, for strict SEO purposes, I would add a lot more KW than:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Ron Paul, Republic, Constitution, Mainstream media propagandists, 99ers” />

None of these really describe the content of your site that well, or address the KW searches ppl would seek on G.

I don’t know the size of your email list, but email blasts do well.

Just my thoughts,


To which I replied:

Hi Jim,

From the Trenches is the first and only site my wife and I have even so much as participated in.  I give Laura the credit for building the site and she has learned a lot along the way.

Yours will be the first email I will actually study.  I thank you very much for your advise.

We just moved the site to BlueHost.  Laura likes it because it is the one WordPress recommends and I like it because I can purchase more bandwidth as needed without moving the server.

I would be interested in your opinion of BlueHost.

Thank you for your time and interest,

Kindest regards,


To which JM replied on 4-28-13

Well you all did a hell of a good job for your 1st site.

Here are a few sites which have tons of tips from real web pros: – lots of seo tips from pros. – killer marketing tips from lots of pros.

You guys need a favicon also. It stands for “favorites icon.” That is the little pic which shows on a tab on a browser. Go to and you can see the tiny WRH logo. HERE is a free favicon maker.

I went ahead and made a sample of a favicon themed for FTT. Using a parchment background and a colonial font, it says “FTT WR.” The colors on FTT are blue, white, red, reversed from red, white blue, as in an upside down flag, or indicative of a nation in distress.

Heatmaps for your site to study page activity.

WRH has a cafe press store for visitors to buy stuff and promote the brand. This may not be a bad idea for FTT for more revenues.

As far as KW [keywords] in your header – I would add:

alternative news (searched 60,000 x a month in USA)

and I will look at what KW alternative news site competitors who rank on page 1 of G [google] use and forward those to you. Do what they to get ranked. Your page rank of 4 is great BTW!


And then same day:

Basic SEO report on your site:

Says you have a favicon, but I don’t see one on tabs or in the code

To which I replied on 4-29-13

I do not know how to add a favicon.

And then I said:


Okay, I figured it out.  That is a great flavicon, thanks!

He replied:

It’s only $5,000 today with our “Favicon Mondays” sale! Just kidding. FREEEEE. Just reloaded FTT – wow – it does look good.


Looks good in FF/ IE + chrome

Later that day:

I see you added some keywords. I would add:


“false flags”


“911 truth”

Although they are relevant to the overall content of FTT, the keywords below should reflect what people would look for, so when a G bot crawls your site, it knows “hey this site is one place I will show searchers looking for: “X”

I am not sure if people would necessarily look for:

America in distress, American nationals, expose the mainstream media propagandists, take the Red Pill

You may want to delete these.

You can see trends in some of these search terms since 2004 – 20013 on google HERE . Google trends shows the level of interest based on 1-100 of a search term. I know google [+ youtube + facebook + wikipedia] is a cia front, and that they rig the results, but it is still a barometer of what people are looking for.

To which I replied:

Okay, done.  Thanks for the tips.

To which he replied:


One more idea, a standard “blackhat” ploy used by competitors to hijack your traffic is to buy up all the other TLD [top level domain] extensions of your domain. You now own .com and that is it. Then they redirect the other domains that look like yours to THEIR url.

So let’s say I owned BIN or WHT and I want to steal some of your traffic – I go buy these:

These are all available. The 3 highlighted ones are a bundle for only $15 the 1st year. The other two are like $5 for the 2.

As you can see, it would be quite EZ for a blackhatter [someone who does not play by the “rules”] to steal and hijack your traffic by buying these.

Then I could set up a 1 page landing page that LOOKS like your index page for each domain, and redirect everyone from there to my site. I just do a little seo and optimize the pages and you will be losing traffic for sure, not to mention I could really mess up your rankings. Plus the government has been known to do this same trick too – sometimes they actually THINK!

So, I would positively go buy these now and protect your domain. This is standard practice for online reputation management and domain protection, BTW.

godaddy has a bundle like the attached .pdf, and you can search for “godaddy coupons”

After you get these, you just go into you godaddy domain control panel and redirect them to the main url and nameservers for:

To answer your ? about bluehost, it seems like they and even hostgator have complaints that are valid. If blue can scale you well on demand and it’s affordable, then maybe try them.

On 5-02-13 he said:

Hey Henry, here is a pic I modded that you can upload to your story: I attached it – It tells the real story of the Boston hoax cia cheerleading squad, with a dose of humor


Thx Dude! Love it!

you can do that to any pic and a lot more for free at:

On 5-04-13 he said:

Hi Henry, any reason why my last comment was subject to moderation? Are my comments subject to mods now? If so, why? Jim

To which I replied:

You had too many links.  WordPress automatically puts a comment into moderation if there are too many links.  I have put the comment through.

He said:

K Thx!

On the same day he said:

Just read the post on starbucks by #1. He contributes a lot to FTT, I see, and is struggling like most of us. So I had an idea that may allow for added $ support for editors of fTT.

Have you & Laura considered setting up a social network for FTT users? You could easily increase your ad revenues by running ads at it.

One site: seems to be doing rather well, with a PR of 4 and alexa of 74,000. They bought the url on 3/3/10 – pretty good stats for a 3 year old alternative site. With a banner about it on FTT, yours would grow much faster, along with the push from ppl waking up from the cia hoax-of-the-month.

They use the ning platform. I know ning backwards and forwards, as I had 3 ning sites with over 15,500 members a few years ago. It costs around $300 a year for a site with hosting, and is a full featured social network platform, with chat, groups, admin controls [for any admin you appoint] and full member screening as well as troll blocking. You can set the site to be open, like or allow only main page views, or allow only logged in users access. [regardless ONLY reg, users can comment or send PM’s.] The ning CP has lots of settings/controls to customize the site. You can add any bg [background] and stretch it, v. ugly tiling – (I know the CSS snippet for this). Maybe an upside American Flag.

Having a social network tied into FTT will synergize well with the core mission of getting the truth out. You cannot  add it to WP; it has to be separate. Ning uptime is around >99%. Plus I see no other truth sites with the full social capability that they offer visitors, so you would have an edge over the others.

You could feature content from FTT there on the index page, to generate even more traffic to FTT, which also ups your ad price [which you should raise 50% anyway]

FB lost at least 10,00,000 users in just the US last year – the FB party is over. Ppl want to communicate, and for lots of reasons, hate FB. So a social network set up by an established truth site would take off.

Your ideas? Jim

On 5-14-13 he wrote:

if you don’t have it yet, you should add this VID to FTT. WRH has it. It’s hilarious. You can download any vid on youitube using this: ANT — it saves it to you downloads folder.

BTW WRH really is missing tons of page views [or extra $$$ in ad rates] b/c he loads too much content on his index page.

To which I replied:

We already posted that one.

He said back:

I see – This is why I don’t smoke an ounce of killer pot per day anymore. Quit 34 years ago, and I still have not recovered.

On 5-18-13 he wrote:

still being moderated. why?

And yesterday evening:

2nd time – WTF am I being moderated????

To which I replied:

You came on my site and told my right hand man JD he should start another site.  I asked you in the comment what are you doing and who are you.  You did not answer.  Therefore you are in pending.

Then he said:

I told JD he was a good writer, just like Jolly Roger, and that JD should start a blog. By no means was I trying to do anything to take away your traiffic. That should be extremely obvious.

I am the guy who gave you [good] ideas to HELP FTT, not detract from it, with the idea of a FTT social network on ning. Never heard a word from you on that. I never saw your response re JD at FTT, or I would have emailed you without delay. I hit about 5-7 sites a day. FTT is the ONLY one who I offered to help wit a social network etc, b/c I think you are real, not some trashbag shill like a few other sites who I know ARE shills. [I also made sure a lot of people knew who the cia shills are.]

Frankly, when I posed suggestion to help FTT: 1. ning social site branded with FTT, 2. ad revenue suggestions, and you did not respond, that lowered my trust level somewhat.

I hope you understand.

I spent a couple of hours trying to help FTT, not to mention many hours of reading and also posting there. I do not typically post. Posting = more traffic. You are reading me very wrong, if you actually think I would do anything to detract from FTT. Everything I have done there is to further the movement.

At least now I know the reason for the moderation. I am disappointed.


To which I replied:

If you read the comments you saw my reference to “Needful Things”.  I don’t know if you read the book but the main character also came forth offering needful things to different people all through a town.  By the end of the book, everyone in town is trying to kill one another.

You say you follow the site, then you know JD not only writes for From the Trenches, but also co-hosts The Word From the Trenches.  JD is my friend, therefore I had no fear of any consequence of your words.  If you read all the comments you would see I’m not the only one who saw it as inappropriate and was wondering what your intent was.

From the Trenches is truly unique and is made so by those who write on it, both in the comments and the posts.  Anyone who comes on the site to comment, I look at.  No soviet socialists/communists or national socialist/neo-cons are welcome here.  And absolutely no trolls.  The people that are not in moderation are those I feel I can trust while I sleep.

To say suggesting that JD put up his own blog was not an attempt to alter the site defies logic. Had I not had prior contact with you I would have erased your comments and put you in spam.

Comments are hits, for sure, but I throw many away every day because From the Trenches is not going to be infiltrated.  We are in essence a discussion group, a counsel of elders working as individuals and with one another to find the most intelligent means to educate our fellow nationals as fast and thoroughly as possible.

Like I said, those who are not in pending are those I trust to guard the site while I sleep

Maybe you could explain to me how having my co-host start an alternate site conforms with our goals here.

From the Trenches is not just here to make money.  The fact is its ultimate goal is to end this shit and make it unnecessary.  Like I said, I started this site from nothing and I am quite confident I will prosper once the Republic is restored.  Until then, I continue to fight the best way I know how.  I do not seek nor do I need anyone’s approval of my tactics as they have and continue to serve the purpose as intended.

I invite you to continue to comment as your input does tend to be relevant to the conversation, except when you suggested JD put up an alternate site.

You are not the first one to be put in moderation.  Many of the regulars you see have at one time or another been in and out of pending, including JD.  It is a slow process getting to know and trust someone, especially on the internet.  That is just the way I am, and it does not have to be a slight to me.  Many have been removed for attacking my friends who write here or seeking to cause riffs among us.

I hope you continue to comment and I do appreciate your suggestions for the site.  I hope you can understand all of this and see that I truly have no malice toward you.  I am a procedure kind of person and I vary only to the extent that allows me to remain unpredictable.

There are a lot of communists out there who would like to destroy From the Trenches.  If they succeed, it will not be because of a lack of diligence in my trying to fend them off.

If you are one of us you will understand.  If not, the procedures will eliminate you.

Kindest regards,


JM sent this before he read my reply:

I also sent you a detailed analysis of your domain a week ago, with some very good ideas to protect your url from hijacks from competition and govvie scum usurpers. You may not know it, but that intel and typing [with 2 fingers] took me about 1/2 hour. Never heard  a peep for you on that.

How you can think I was ever acting to the detriment of FTT is beyond me.

Not once did I offer any other site the help I tried to offer, and in fact DID offer, you.

I have lots of tools/software to find ALL citations on any site, do a detailed [not the quickie I sent you already] seo report, increase rank etc. I was offering those to you, Laura and FTT gratis, as my small way of furthering the truth.

So I put up some flippant – [intended as merely] complimentary note to JD [who I know is your wingman, as his pic is right below yours on the top right I-frame/column] — saying “you should start a blog” — and I get screened? That was wrong Henry.

I did not say: “Hey JD email me at and I’ll get you set up with a [drop and drag – easy as hell to create] WP blog with all the right free plugins/packs or other free platform + I’ll make you a favicon, + do an seo report + give you valuable tips on how to optimize the site + get $$ coming in from it,”

as I did with you and Laura.


To which he replied after I went to bed:

I really never did see the posts about my blog idea post. Lots of times I make my remark at FTT and move on. Others I will monitor by dragging the link into my tempo folder in FF. It is tedious to go back a few pages at a time [although a great idea for page views – as I told you in an email referring to Rivero’s site WRH – who loads too much content on one page and looses ad $$$] Also I honestly do not even remember what topic it was.

My comment was a flippant remark, meant as a compliment. That was it. Looking back I can see where it was misconstrued. I suggest telling those who misconstrued that comment, the host of stuff I DID for FTT, so they know the whole picture.

If I meant ANY Harm to FTT, I would have already bought all the ancillary URLS I warned to to buy, which is NOT a needful thing. Nope I never read that book. However what I know toooo me many hundreds of hourts to learn, and I was trying to HELP FTT by imparting USEFUL info to you all. Do the people who saw this blog comment know THAT about me? Shoot me the link and I’ll be happy to tell them how I have acted only as a friend to FTT. Maybe I could post the pages of helpful emails I have taken the time to write you, if you’re OK with that? That way no one will think I am some cia scumbag troll.

I go to FTT, BIN, WRH,  Daily Sheeple, Veterans Today, nodisinfo, and  few more when I make my daily rounds.

ONLY on FTT do I not use a proxy [unless I forget to turn it off], and ONLY on FTT do I post anything.

I had 2 ning sites with over 8,000 members. I still have a 3rd with around 5,000 members, none had anything to do with Patriotism. I have screened people before also. I had mods watching  the sites also. It is unfortunate that my remark raised any eyebrows.

I hope you tell those who had concerns who I am;  what I have done for FTT.

I have never listened to the FTT broadcast either.

I am getting ready to get out of ——– to a much safer area up against the Sierras [not on the commiefornia side], so I can fight when that day comes and protect my own. I am in a lock down zone as I call it: ——–. No bug out places nearby. EZ lockdown. I am rolling w/i 30 days out west again. I want my Woman and small family to never deal with the homicidal enemy government. I am lucky she is also wide awake.

This morning he sent this while I was reading his email from last night:

You did not get back to me – so – what is the link to that “blog” post so I can tell everyone at FTT what I have done, and spent HOURS trying to do to help the site for the site. Apparently you did not advise them of my efforts. I would have hoped you would have done that, given what I did do, and offered to do. It took me over 3 goddam HOURStrying to help your site dude for goddam FREE. There is a word for this; unappreciative- as-hell.

The fact that you ignored my offers to help, you and other contributors, as I did, while still asking for $$ at your site is extremely suspect.

Maybe you need to be checked out.

To which I replied:

You f#@king blew it.  I did mention that I sleep.  I woke up at 4:15 this morning, which was the first chance I had to see your email.  By then, you had already come back to get in my face.  I was reading the first email when the 2nd one came up.  The 1st email would have sufficed to remove you from pending but the 2nd one shows you think you can somehow threaten me.  Your emails will be published, all right, to show our people how you tried to push your way in.  You are in no way a necessity here and I will not be harassed by anyone and no one make demands of me.

If you are a patriot I wish you well.  You did offer suggestions for From the Trenches but somehow failed to realize what it takes to run the site.  My wife and I work from the time our feet hit the floor until we go to bed.  There is only the two of us.  We do not have the time to even be writing this f#@king email.  You are an obtuse, self centered and vain person.  You do not know me and that is the point.  You will not push me around in any way.

In short, go somewhere else. You have wasted enough of my time.

To which he replied:

No you f#@king blew it dude. Obviously, you are likely a cia shill, given that you ignored an offer to increase revenues + help the cause, as your other likely shills say how broke they are.

Yet you have the token cia “donate” button on your amazingly good site for a newbee.

I trust you as far as I can throw you.

I helped your site mother#@ker likely shill, and you call me: “selfish”. Go f#@k yourself asshole.

You are just another controlled op site.


go ahead asshole cia SCUM – publish ALL our emails.

And then:

btw make GODDAM sure you do not publish my email. punk.


As you can see, I had to publish these emails.  As I mentioned before, these pathetic pukes will try to goad you into inviting them out, then they run to the fusion centers.  They would never stand up in a man’s face.  They are sleazy and prefer a knife in their enemies’ back via a third party so someone else’s fingerprints are on it.

Anyway, this is what I have to deal with, more and more every day, which has taxed my time to the point that I can no longer write articles like I used to.  And remember, these bastards claim to be patriots.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

35 thoughts on “So Called Patriots Who Hate From the Trenches

  1. At last count, there were at least 72 of those ‘Fusion Centers.’ What they do besides spy on Americans is beyond me.

    Sort of like electronic watch towers for the American Gulag?

  2. Henry, once again your integrity and honour has prevailed! When we started listening to the broadcast we KNEW in our guts you are the real deal. So appreciate that you will not be compromised for anything. I’m very thankful for your life and all that you continue to teach and affirm. “Be not weary in well doing, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not.”

  3. That individual sounds like he has more than a few head issues to work out. You just have to love it when a person who thinks they’re a know it all comes along and wants you to do everything they say. The butt hurt reaction tells me that this person was trying to use his “suggestions” to make himself feel important. No true patriot would ever contact a Fusion Center. I, being the “village idiot” here at the trenches, have never even heard of that term before. I did find this quote interesting when I searched the term “Fusion Center”: “A two-year senate investigation found that ‘the fusion centers often produced irrelevant, useless or inappropriate intelligence reporting to DHS, and many produced no intelligence reporting whatsoever.'”

  4. Hi Henry,

    Perhaps we could could discuss this a little on todays show if you don’t have it booked solid with other agenda items or new stories.

    Your Friend, Fellow American,… Brother Patriot – JD

  5. It looks to me that this guy was attempting to infiltrate and take over FTTWR. Not that he said that in plain English but, he is all about the Almighty Fiat Dollar! And he see’s a possible goldmine in this site among others
    I’m sure he is now trying the same BS with Rivero!.
    Pack fudge jimbo, truth is worth more than all the monopoly money in circulation.

  6. Keep up the good work! I only go here and WRH for my daily news. I don’t do CT sites for they seem to draw out folks like Jim. Anyways thanks for all you do. One thing I have learned in my 50yrs. is anyone pushing “free” always has an agenda…….good or bad. Thanks again.

  7. Never seen a true Patriot run to a fusion center. This guy smells like a low level government turd or Zioturd doing a bit of fishing. I be too geezerly to understand this comp stuff; isn’t like I haven’t tried. I do see a pattern of whoever this dude is setting up some type of infiltration to take your site down or discredit it. What confuses these types is the fact your site is “truth” driven, not “profit”. Patriots for profit abound. I don’t see FTT being one of them.

  8. Thanks for posting this Henry. I think that it is good that you did so we can all see what this JM is about along with behind the sceans crap that you put up with – I still do not know how you deal/put up with this kind of crap. Credit where credit is due and this F`er turned on you and FTT in no time. Yea Henry, we are good Trusting and Loyal Freinds to you and FTT people – I am sure of it and am proud to say so too – and I hope that all are still here when the SHTF and do not go running under some damned rock where like I think some would do but hopefully not many. Yep Henry and Laura and yes JD you all got my utmost support. And by the way I am not forgetting you guys that I have talked to on site and over the phone/e-mail, we are the very best IMOO around anywhere. Love you guys and I am proud to be in your company. Yep I am ya`ll trusting and loyal freind and proud of it. 🙂

  9. It seems odd in claiming to help, this person goes straight to the inner workings of the site, itself. He also said he never listened to the program, either. Time to move along, Rasputin.

  10. That’s quite a read.

    My two cents, having read all that, my, hopefully objective, observations — I think the guy may have been sincere, but perhaps overzealous, overly sensitive, and then hurt when he thought he’d been dismissed — seems the real trouble started with the crossed emails, timing, etcetera. The ruckous should have ended with the admonition that he should not try to entice key people away from the site, ’nuff said.

    But alas, he failed under the pressure 🙂 — the fusion center reporting thing. lol

  11. JM has not called the fusion center. That was another fellow about a year ago when this shit began. My point was the way JM acted with me was exactly the same way this other guy acted, like a tough guy. And then when I called him out he called the fusion center, cowardly.

    1. Thanks for the clarification on the fusion center aspect — I see your mention of that was in the first couple paragraphs — I must be trying to read too fast. I’m embarrassed.

      In any event, there was a good measure of escalation as a function of impatience, and insecurity on JM’s part.

      I’ve no doubt niether of you are finding this any too funny, but I’m still laughing — that is, I think things would have gone a lot better if not for the crossed emails. (Ahh, the wonders of technology.)

      However, for what it’s worth, I respect your sense of prudence.

    2. Hi Henry.I really like the site and appreciate the hard work and stress you endure to make it happen.I just wanted you to know I am grateful for it.
      Being vigilant against pro trolls and other scum is hard work.

      And I am glad you do it.
      Thank you!

  12. It saddens me that this type of shit takes place within what we call our own ranks. It’s difficult enough to fight the f@cking government without having to protect ourselves from some useless schmuck that is telling deceptive have truths. Maybe some of it was valid info but I’m not computer literate enough to know. But definable did not like the tone it deteriorated into. I do agree that sometimes the only cure is a good old fashioned asswhoopin.

    Henry you and Linda do a great job. I enjoy your site and visit it nearly everyday as a regular. I wish I were nearly as capable as you as I too have a blog site which I will not post here. I am not that computer savvy, I’m more of a hammer and nails guy.

    I do appreciate the information and the quality of the articles you post and many find their way to my facebook page.

    Keep up the good work

    God bless you and your and our Republic and it’s restoration.

    Carry on my Brother in arms

    1. You, like every other patriot, are welcome to post your blog with your comments. We are about spreading information.
      I thank you for your complement, and Laura/Linda thanks you too.

  13. Henry you ,your wife, and JD are doing a good job don’t let these idiots get to you. Good Job

    1. Hi Foehammer,

      I’m sure Henry will not mind if I thank you on behalf of all of us,.. especially Laura who gets little recognition for her efforts.

      While Henry is the eye-candy and the voice of FTT, and I am simply fortunately enough to collaborate with Henry and am allowed to serve our country again, via this format,.. it is really Laura who is argueably the horsepower behind this site, as it takes a lot time and patience to do the endless behind-the-scenes work that makes a site like this even possible.

      Taking the liberty of speaking for the crew, contributors, & all our regulars,.. thank you again for your kind words.

      JD – US Marines – Lets all spread the word about “From The Trenches”,.. and try to awaken every possible Patriot in this country.

      1. Behind every great man, there is a strong and wonderful woman! (I may be somewhat prejudiced!) I, too, appreciate all the work that Henry and Laura do for this site-and for the restoration of our republic. And also to JD, and all of you who contribute articles to the site. This is my “go to” site every day-and through out the day. It keeps my blood circulating so I don’t need a doctor!! You’d be amazed how often I quote from something on FTT to the rest of my family. Henry, you’ve honed my education of the Articles, and the application of them. Continue on in this battle for our country-and I know there are many who are right alongside you, and are eager for the battle to do a thorough housecleaning.

  14. “TRENCHES” is making a difference…
    This can be seen as one wades through the net, searching for
    good articles to post here.
    “Trenches” has the compiled, BEST of the BEST, of the articles,
    gleaned from across the web.
    That is my goal for “Trenches”…to be the BEST !
    That’s why I call “Trenches” home for all my articles, comments,
    and postings……
    Thank You Henry, for a place to lay me pen.

  15. Henry & JM,

    We are on the same team. We lead by example. We do not allow ourselves to become victims of the Hegelian Dialectic….

  16. Henry,
    You showed extreme patience and courtesy to this undercover shill. I would not have extended quite as long a leash upon this schmuck. It is truly amazing how quickly his behavior turns, when an extended silence from you makes him think he is out of the light in center circle.

    dont forget, fbi and or cia/nsa- may be doing a psyop on you by carrying on a presumptive/benign conversation but then using the info to drill down into your psyche. buyer beware. be as wise as serpents, gentle as doves. or as w.bush jr said: dumb like a fox!. well done in how you handled the situation, thanks for sharing the diatribe. semper-fi!.

  17. Darn it Henry, I work a long day and miss all the excitement. Since digger dan introduced me to your site, I have renewed optimism that there are people out there feeling the same way I do. We’re family and I have come to know a lot of the “regulars” on the site, both posters and commenters, who all have the same goals. As far as that scumbag web advisor, F#@k him. Thank you again for allowing me to participate in “the best website on the internet for truth seekers.” Your friend, Millard

  18. FTT IS the Best Site on the net!
    Frick JM You blew it! Busted! 🙂
    Mho “You” are a whiney punk a$s bi!c#, & the way you spoke to Henry after he spoke to you like a gentleman, pfffft!
    Henry published your words as you requested, ya troll! I feel sorry for “Your Woman”………well, that is if you actually have one………
    “I love my FTT Family” as everyone here knows,
    The Best People far and wide!
    Thank you Henry and Laura and Everyone here for All you have done! and All you do!

  19. Henry,

    After reading the first email that JM wrote on 4-28-13, I completely knew where he and this were going. Basically, he decided to try and get you to make money off of people who use your site and use swindling tactics and even seemed to try and take control of your site himself with all of his suggestions and receive credit for it. Glad to know you didn’t sell out to the bastard. This is why I and many others love your site. You’re patriotic to the core, buddy.

  20. Henry. You, Laura, and From the Trenches have been #1 in my book for about a year now. I stopped searching, once I found FTT. I’ve never trusted any other site as much as this one, nor felt as much at home and among good friends. It’s the only one I post on anymore (except for a RARE comment from time to time on BIN), and it’s the only site I ever recommend to other truthseekers. Idiots like him are the reason why.
    If that moron thinks it about money, he’s sadly mistaken. There are many of us that prefer truth to riches. Ignorance of what’s REALLY going in the world today is a death sentence. Literally.

    You and Laura just keep doing what you do best – pursuing and revealing the truth. Deception is not in our nature, that’s the favorite tool of the enemy, and they would never survive without it.

    Your friend always,
    # 1 NWO Hatr

  21. btw, I thought you showed remarkable restraint in dealing that %!&^%#$@#%%$$#!!!
    I imagine that had he gone off on digger like that in the comment section, you’d have had to delete BOTH their comments! LOL

    (also, I noticed that my last comment was the 33rd, and I really HATE that #, so I had to bump it up another notch).

  22. Although I just recently stumbled into the trenches, I decided to offer my unbiased opinion on this matter.

    Henry, you are obviously a patriotic man of integrity and high moral values, with far more tolerance than myself.

    Jim, although your initial offer was generous, it certainly was not “free”. You made it clear from the very beginning that you expected to at least receive favoritism and recognition in return. Your apparent knowledge of web site management is undermined by your “smartest guy in the room” attitude.

    It seems to me that your (over) reaction to not receiving an immediate response, as well praise for each of your suggestions, effectively sabotaged the entire exchange.

    Keep up the battle patriots.

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