International Corporate Mafia, The Ball is in Your Court

worldIn just one short week, the political climate across the United States has been redirected from gun control, immigration, and gay rights to Benghazi, AP wiretapping, and IRS coercions.  The psyche in this country has become volatile and the enemies of our Republic know it.  Every move the socialists make, designed to kowtow or manipulate the people back into a state of control, is backfiring.

The communists flex their little girly man muscles and the result is more preppers, more gun and ammo purchases, and more patriots coming forth to announce that they are ready to fight, kill, and die if necessary to restore the people’s Bill of Rights.  

It has reached the point that each new operation launched by the international corporate mafia is specifically designed to stay liquid in order that it can be manipulated to follow the path of least resistance.

In short, our enemies can no longer count on any degree of preconceived control.  Their nightmare is coming true.  40 million individuals loaded for bear with 40 million unique strategies, yet all with the same and common goal, which is to remove the million chains forged of infringement and return them to where they belong.  And that is wrapped securely about the government that will serve we the people or cease to exist.

I am amazed at those who say they cannot believe that so many of us do not trust this diabolical government.  One need only to read the true history of the founding of this country to know that our forefathers told us in no uncertain terms to never trust government, as it is “Like fire, a dangerous servant and a fearful master”.

I guess their mistake was in thinking they could fool enough of the people to allow the brutal subjugation of the rest, and now it is all falling apart.

The way I see it, the only card the psychopaths have left to play is a false flag to be followed by World War III.  I think they had better realize that this, like everything else they have implemented in the last two years, is going to have the exact opposite effect of what they are looking for.

Before we allow millions of our people to be slaughtered in another fraudulent war, we would be better off to come straight at them, make the arrests, and just turn them over to the foreigners they are expecting us to kill for them.

Whatever is to happen, must happen soon, as affirmed by every American each time they go to spend one of these evermore worthless hundred dollar fiat notes.  How long before the only thing in the bag is a single loaf of bread?  The mainstream propaganda machine cannot hide hunger, and famine, when it comes, will break down the last barriers between the people and the absolute truth.

Buy guns, buy ammunition, get ready for the inevitable, as it is only one bad decision away and the bad decision makers are on a roll.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

10 thoughts on “International Corporate Mafia, The Ball is in Your Court

  1. perfectly put, Henry, and you’re absolutely right.

    “I am amazed at those who say they cannot believe that so many of us do not trust this diabolical government.”

    But I’m going to guess that these are people you’ve seen interviewed by the Zionist media, because I don’t know ANYONE who trusts this government. I know a few die-hard Obama supporters, and even they’re changing their tune.

  2. Nothing in America happens by chance , there are about 40,000 white UN vehicles parked up in Arizona ready to roll . Mark my words Americans will be begging for Russian and Chinese UN troops to come in and restore order by the time TPTB have finished with us , dont forget food for guns. One other thing comet ISON is giving off 157000 LBS of Hydrogen Cyanide per minute and we bass through its tail there are your Zombie drills coming into play .Happy days.

    1. So, where are all of these UN vehicles at??? I would like to go look at them and come back with pictures for all to see. Be specific please!

      If there is ever a food for guns station, I believe that “We the People” will just have liberate all of that food for the people. Why should a corrupt government be in charge of the peoples food supply. Your thinking is all messed up, use your head. Any food supplies will belong to we the people. If We The people have to take control of what is rightfully ours, then let it be so. Take your defeatist attitude somewhere else. Obstacles are meant to be overcome, not as a barrier to give up.

      Anything the government can do to us, we the people can do better to them. If you turn your gun into them for food ( of which they can then give that gun to someone else to use against we the people, that make you aiding and a betting the enemy, and that make you the enemy of we the people. You kind of sound like a troll to me

  3. You’re right on the money (sound pre-1913 money) there Henry! The clock has been ticking down for many, many years but every countdown eventually reaches zero, and that time is very, very soon.

      1. “I’m here to chew bubble gum, and kick @ss.

        And I’m all out of bubble gum.”

        Another good article, Henry, true to form.

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