So God Made A Factory Farmer…And Pesticides. And Subsidies. And Corn Syrup. And Mexicans.

farmersCommon Dreams – by Abby Zimmet

After the farmer-themed Dodge Ram ad for the Super Bowl made such a splash, the folks atFunny or Die decided to make a more realistic version of the state of American agriculture, from Monsanto to Gushers. Nailed it.

And God said: “Granted, the American agricultural industry has evolved into a manufacturing giant that’s more like Walmart than a mom-and-pop store. And it’s backed by powerful interest groups that spend hundreds of millions lobbying Congress. But despite all that, the word ‘farmer’ still evokes salt of the earth, American Gothic imagery. And, from a marketing standpoint, that would be a helpful thing to associate with an automaker that nearly went bankrupt due to mismanagement…So God made this commercial.”

4 thoughts on “So God Made A Factory Farmer…And Pesticides. And Subsidies. And Corn Syrup. And Mexicans.

  1. Commie Dreams come true!
    The Alphabet meda exists to promote the Commie Dream.

    Conspiracy, Conflict, Control – the Commie Playbook to destroy Civilization and place all power and all wealth in their trillionaire banking families and their chosen oligarchs.

    Power and Wealth must and will be kept within their gene pool!
    Misery, poverty, food stamps, debt slavery, poor food and meagrely scraps from their table are what is left for the Sheeple born to serve and obey.

  2. …just out of curiosity what pecentage of the Trillionaire banking Families and chosen oligarchs are of the so-called “Jewish” faction…?

    War Corporations & Central Planning, By Eugene Schroeder
    see Dark Shadows at Zero dark Thirty

    Roger That

  3. 100% starting with the rothchilds,I have the entire banking structure family tree documented and it is owned and controlled by j-ws as well as 95% percent of ALL MEDIA in all western based countries,this is how they have BRAINWASHED the masses and are scared of guys like Mr. SHIVLEY and all other truth sites,They know their comuppance is at hand which is why they are striking out desperately and wildly in all directions like a wounded rabid dog. They dread the light and they fear american men.

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