Socialist students hold ‘We Won’t Go Back’ march

Campus Reform – by William Biagini

Florida State University Students for a Democratic Society (FSUSDS) chapter held a “We Won’t Go Back” march supporting abortion and socialism.

The SDS announced the event in a tweet that said, “Join us TODAY to FIGHT BACK against attacks on women’s & reproductive rights! Roe may have been overturned, but we have not forgotten or lost hope.”

The march began on Sept. 7 at the Legacy Fountain on the FSU campus and ended at the Integration Statue. Members of the club shouted numerous chants from a list posted on their Instagram story on the day of the rally. Some of the chants included, “They say ‘no choice, we say ‘PRO CHOICE!’,” “Hey Democrats! Do something!,” and “There’s blood on your hands! Free abortion on demand!”

Campus Reform attended the march and obtained exclusive video footage of the chants and a subsequent speech.

“The Capitalist state’s attack on reproductive rights has a very real material basis,” one speaker said. “They seek to repopulate the class of workers they exploit after over a million have died from COVID-19. U.S. imperialism is in decline.”

The speaker also stated, “Roe v. Wade is also the foundation in U.S. law for the privacy of LGBTQ people. Alito writes in his brief that this decision is only about abortion. We are fooling ourselves—fooling! You are foolish if you believe that for a second.”

The SDS chapter at FSU has held numerous marches and events this summer since the leak of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion. On May 12, the group rallied outside the Florida Capitol building in support of abortion rights, and again on June 24 after the overruling of Roe v. Wade.

Tallahassee mayoral candidate Kristin Dozier also attended and spoke at the march. After the event, she replied to the SDS’s Instagram post saying, “Thank you for having me!”

On Sept. 9, the SDS posted a tweet thanking those who attended, stating, “Thank you to all who came out and our co-sponsors, we will continue to FIGHT BACK against abortion bans!”

Every individual, organization, and university mentioned has been contacted for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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