8 thoughts on “Some pics of the Two Four Two fire near Chiloquin

  1. Smelling smoke is one thing, seeing the flames is some butt puckering viewing. Fires have been popping up all over ’round here but so far, my neck is un-scorched.
    It burns my ass that this is not entirely natural, and there is nobody going to stop it. They can start fires with all sorts of gadgetry. Now they’re sparking lightning storms that look so very un-natural but that will not be addressed. Their DEW operations have spread up the coast through this state. 🙁
    Agenda 21/2030 is in full force here.
    “BURN ‘EM OUT” say those globalists, so we get burned out.
    Stay vigilant. Don’t leave the house to itself, somebody in residence at all times to keep watch. They got us so dry that EVERYTHING goes up like an old mobile home, POOF!
    17% humidity in western Washington, a RAINFOREST!!
    Good luck Henry and Laura.

  2. Are you level 3?
    58 is still open for now. I5 closed near Medford. 126 evacuated. 22 evacuated. 20 closed just east of sweet home. 101 and 99 has closures as well as 18 and 36.
    We are 8miles north from level two deceleration.

  3. Stay safe, Shivley clan. Thoughts and prayers for you patriots.

    Rotten basturds can’t keep their grubby mitts off anything, can they?

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