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  1. “Sometimes ya jus’ gotta escape”…
    So True. While roaming the web, I am finding more and more people agree with you Galen including myself.
    Love your picture!

    Rep. Thomas Massie lives to escape the madness…..

    Off the Grid with Thomas Massie
    Free the People
    Published on Sep 26, 2018
    Off the Grid with Thomas Massie is an intimate look at a congressman’s quest for a self-sustainable life on his farm in eastern Kentucky. “My philosophy is live and let live: You don’t worry about what somebody’s doing in their hollow, as long as they don’t worry about what you’re doing in your hollow.” Winner of Anthem Film Festival’s highly-coveted Audience Choice Award.

    1. Thank you, JS. Some good points here, but just two things I’d address with Mr. Massie:

      This “Congress” that he is a part of, does he not understand its part in the demise of the world? We have horrible wars, and we have the theft of our natural resources, and the looting of our treasury by Israel, and an escalating police state. And we have forced immigration/invasion, to list just a few of the atrocities “Congress” has not saved us from. Corruption is not a good thing to buddy-up with. Perhaps he thinks he can change things by being more fully entrenched. He is one to watch. Looks quite comfortable, but does he know what’s happening to the rest of America?

      Second, he references Tolkien and the hobbits who go to Mordor, and just past the 31:26 mark he says that most of the hobbits succumb to the intoxication of power, which was not the case. Only one (Gollum/Smeagol) fully succumbed. Three others felt the seduction but soon shook it off. That’s one out of thousands. If fact, it was the hobbits who destroyed the greatest evil, the little folk who just wanna live. I’m a Tolkien fanatic so couldn’t let that slide.

      Oh man, see what happens when you try to “ESCAPE?”


      1. I first read ‘Lord of the Rings’ when I was 17 (mom bought it for me), galen. I’ve read it over a dozen times throughout my life… one of my absolute favorite books. Jackson did a fantastic job with the movies (and yes, the 3rd one definitely deserved Best Oscar, imo… all 3 could have). I have all 3 extended versions (had to wait a couple extra months for them, but worth it).

        I’ve also read The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, Farmer Giles of Ham, and Smith of Wootten Major.

        1. Me also, #1. And yes, on all counts. I even have a Middle-earth nickname.

          I don’t think this literary masterpiece would have gotten far without so much rich philosophy in it, and so much valor. Yes, there was the issue of hierarchy, but the hobbits transcended all that and in their simplicity had the noblest of hearts.

          Who was the character you most identified with?


          1. I don’t know about ‘identify with’, galen, but my favorite non-major character was Tom Bombadil, and I’ll tell you why… he was the ONLY being in all of Middle Earth that the ring had absolutely NO POWER OVER.

            The reason for this was because he was OLDER than even the ring itself… not even Sauron, Saruman or Gandalf was older than Bombadil. It was my one beef about the movie… I thought that it was a very important point that Jackson somehow missed, and should have been included.

          2. Well, I can certainly understand your choice. And too bad he wasn’t given his just due.

            For me it was Samwise.



      2. PS, JS.

        There is some dispute weather or not Frodo actually succumbed. Some assert that when he did not follow the ring of power into the fires of Mount Doom and he reached for Sam’s hand, he overcame his temptation. I fall into that camp, although Frodo would have a lifetime of remembering just how close he came to being overcome. That wound that never fully heals. Still, and ultimately, he served the good.

        Okay, I’ve fully revealed my nerd status by now, but hey, there are weirder things.



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