15 thoughts on “Sometimes You Have To Get Out Of The Truck And Smell The Roses

    1. Funny, the closer I get to my brother’s house, Henry, the more beautiful everything gets.

      I’ve been stuck on the wrong coast for too damn long.

    1. You can see the bridge to the left, that,s the bridge I crossed to get to Ellensburg to a cool bar where I’m proceeding to imbibe in a little debauchery, don’t worry, after I have my fill, nappy time until 5am.

      Meyers coke, with a lime. lmao…

  1. Thx for the pics Mark.

    I enjoy. ..them.

    Some of us don’t have the luxury to see how beautiful this land is.

    Because we’re stuck….

    Help….I’ve fallen. …and I can’t get out.

    1. Yeah,

      That’s why I’m going to start posting more pics, bring you guys along for the ride.

        1. Yepper,

          Heard that one loud and clear brother, I see so much out here, it’s tough to get the shots and keep the damn truck from dancing into another vehicle.

          I guess I’ll be pulling over more now.

  2. And just think, once upon a time that water was clean and drinkable! The land was open and free for everyone to use and live upon.

    1. Yeah,

      I know, I’d jet ski and boat in it, but I sure as hell wouldn’t drink it straight . I’d eat fish from it, some biggins come out of this river.

    1. Download these pics and use them as wallpaper. And don’t forget, Henry and Laura have some beautiful pics as well on the margin of the front page, they travel to some of the most beautiful places in Oregon and take these shots..

      “This Land Photos” very proffesionally done I might add.

        1. I wish I had a dollar for every hour I’ve spent fishing that river. It don’t get much better than deep fried sturgeon . I miss those days.

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