Sovereignty and the New World Order

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“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years… It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”  — David Rockefeller, Bilderberg Meeting, June 1991 Baden, Germany  

Throughout most of history, life for the average person was “nasty, brutish, and short.” Very little opportunity existed for most people and someone who was born into a particular caste typically remained there for life. This rigid, static, social hierarchy existed in most parts of the world from the dawn of civilization until the industrial revolution. Perhaps the hallmark achievement of the American Revolution was its overturning of this traditional system of rigidly defined social classes. It is for this reason that the United States Constitution abolished the monarchy and provided for representative government, disestablished the authoritarian church and provided for freedom of worship for all, and specifically forbade the issuing of royal or aristocratic titles. In contrast to the older feudal system, the Constitution outlines a form of government where the individual citizen may rise or fall according to his own ability and effort.

The American Revolution and the constitutional republic which it produced served as inspirations to the world as ever greater numbers of peoples began to throw off the yoke of traditional feudal tyranny and produce for themselves the freedom and abundance that the modern countries enjoy today. However, it is a dangerous mistake to think the older royal ruling classes were ever fully defeated. Over the past few centuries, the older elites of Europe have consistently sought to regroup and reclaim their former positions of absolute power over the destiny of the average citizen. A shadowy, grand alliance has emerged among the old royal elites, the descendents of the traditional aristocratic land barons, and the international bankers. This alliance aims to overturn the gains achieved by ordinary people since the eighteenth century. Despite the futuristic imagery evoked by the language of the New World Order, the ambitions of the global elites in many ways involve a return to the traditional societies of feudal times where the people were completely at the mercy of their lords and rulers.

The longstanding obsession with alleged overpopulation and the supposed need for population control found in elite circles reflects as much as anything else the value system of the globalists. Why would the globalists be concerned about overpopulation? Surely, it is not because of the possible impact of population growth on the environment. It is clear the globalists wish to maintain the dependence of the world economy on petroleum and continue to poison the citizens of the earth with such monstrosities as genetically modified crops. The Georgia Guidestones indicate that it is the desire of the globalists to reduce the population of the planet to 500 million. Death and extinction are what the engineers of the New World Order desire for more than ninety percent of the world’s people. In the meantime, the middle class societies that grew out of the industrial revolution and the growth of constitutionally limited government must be destroyed through the decimation of their economies. In the end, only the very poor and the very rich will be left and most of mankind (those who are fortunate enough to survive) will once again be reduced to serfdom.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle to the awakening of patriotic citizens in America and in other nations is disbelief rooted in naivete. Most ordinary people are inherently decent human beings and simply cannot imagine that shadowy clusters of secretive elites could be planning something so nefarious. Surely, no one could willfully countenance the extinction of the majority of mankind. But it is crucial for the informed and educated person to understand that those who find their way into the ranks of the globalist elite do not function within the parameters of ordinary human psychology. Psychiatrists and psychologists have long understood that a small minority of human beings possesses a propensity towards a personality psychopathology in which remorse, regret, or sorrow for harm inflicted on others is not experienced. Such personality types care only about themselves and their own interests. Power, wealth, and prestige come easy to such people because they do not feel bound by ordinary moral constraints. They then pass these genes and the resulting set of social “values” down to their offspring who continue the cycle.

However, it is not true that the morally decrepit persons who typically make up the ranks of the globalists are irresistible. While the enormous resources that the globalists control certainly make them a formidable foe, it is also true that the billions of decent people who inhabit the world’s nations possess a moral awareness that the globalist enemy lacks. It is this moral awareness that is capable of inspiring courage, bravery, dedication, and commitment in the pursuit of justice, liberty, and truth. It is no doubt the case that if they were awakened to the horrors and cruelty globalists have inflicted on innocent peoples worldwide and will continue to inflict in the future, the ordinary decent human being will be inspired to undertake efforts at resistance. This is indeed the essence of why the patriot movement exists. The movement is there because decent, everyday people have taken to heart Jefferson’s dictum that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Decent patriots have sought to educate themselves concerning the agenda the global elites have laid bare and have been determined to resist.

It is this determination to resist that will inspire patriots everywhere to reclaim the sovereignty of their country, community, family, and faith against those who would enslave them. As the ranks of those who understand what the agenda of the New World Order really means for the future of humanity grows, there will indeed come a day when it really is 1776 worldwide.


R.J. Jacob is the Editor-in-Chief of and a small business owner in Las Vegas, Nevada. Follow R.J. on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Sovereignty and the New World Order

  1. Good read. But you forgot to mention the truth that because the criminal psychopathic elites cannot (I repeat, CANNOT) understand and weigh the consequences of their actions (because they are psychopaths, thus they do not even think there are consequences for their actions), they cannot understand what they are unleashing, especially upon themselves.

    Example: right now the banksters are trying to steal savings bank deposits of the Cypriot people. They understand (because of history) that the people at large will revolt, but believe that since they have always had the backing of the military and the police, that the military and police will crush the revolt of the people. What they miss though is that if the people’s bank accounts are stolen, SO ARE THE BANK ACCOUNTS OF THEIR MILITARY AND POLICE STOOGES! Do the elites actually think their military and police stooges will continue to crush a people’s revolt AFTER the elites steal their money as well? Are the elites prepared to deal with the notion that their stooges will turn their weapons, aimed at the people, onto them instead?

    Here is why the elites will lose: they do not understand that there is only so much us “little people” will take before even their stooges turn against them. Example: when ordered to shoot unarmed demonstrators outside the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg (Russia) in 1917, the soldiers refused, which helped bring about the February Revolution against the Czar.

    I predict (sort of) that if the banksters try what they are doing to Cyprus here in the USA, with an armed population of about 200 million, they will be signing their own death warrants. Obama and his minions can’t confiscate guns fast enough at that point.

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