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        1. I’m also not sure how to break-down the alpha numeric prefixes to Russian Military equipment. I did read a while ago that the USA was spending $1 billion on Russian Mi-17 helicopters for Afghanistan, but there was nothing mentioned about the Mi-24.


          We have China manufacturing our military Kevlar vests, so I guess we would also have no problem in buying Russian Military helicopters as well. At least we stopped contracting China to manufacture our American Flags.

          1. Why would an America hating president and an anti American production Congress want anything to do with domestice products. Creating jobs is counter to their blatant repressive agenda that is reducing America to a nation that only produces fiat currency liely w/o any gold to back up it’s purported value.

            This is the same president that gives billions to foreign nations for oil drilling and exploration while doing all possible to reduce/stop oil production in the US.

            The only reason oil production has increased in the US is from private lands – the increase in output Øbama takes credit for none the less.

    1. The only thing clear in the pic aside from the seemignly nice day is the aircraft is a heliocopter.

      Origin is of no matter, the markings and content are of interest.

  1. Actually it’s the Russian “Hind” chopper. Gunship/attack helicopter familiar to our friends in Afghanistan. Red Dawn 2?

  2. they use mock ups of these in the National Training Center in California, but this is nowhere near that and it isn’t a mock up! WTF is going on?
    Is it me, or is it starting to feel like the crap is about to hit the fan with all of this stuff going on everywhere? All we need now is paratroopers jumping out of Chinese planes.

  3. Yea, all rightty now then, just look at all this stuff that has been happening on obama`s watch.

    1. just look at all this stuff that has been happening

      You almost gave the impression that things are merely or “just happening”

  4. A volley of .06 or .50 cal in the rotor/apu section should bring their lofty dreams back to ground level.

    i am ’bout ready for this krap to kick off………..

    Just remember when/if you get scared………think back to all the things these mutha-phukkas have done to our country, to our future, to our kids futures…..
    then use that anger in a focused manner against the enemy.

  5. I’ve seen Mi-24’s, Mi-28’s and Chicom Z-9’s flying around my AO here in Idaho before.

    even saw a group of RAF Harriers land at the Boise airport once.

  6. SNAFU…..For Sure? I take your word for it…
    Can’t imagine all this stuff of foreign troops, vehicles, aircraft and such…on our soil! Just disturbing to say the least! Can’t think of one positive reasoning for this…so that leaves only the negatives for explanation….For Sure, tis not right or good….Where are the Damn state governments and elected Governors…when all this stuff happens? Regards to the photos, they are too distant to show identification…of this chopper.

  7. the same ones own every standing army worldwide it is not your military it is theres all the crowns not the ppls
    you are your own army the militia not these easily fooled in costumes traitors

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