9 thoughts on “Special Prosecutor

  1. Shall not be infringed upon….
    PERIOD. ….!!!
    What part of period don’t these mthrfkrs understand.
    That period is the dot chamber of a weapon barrel pointing at you.
    I guess these pedophiles …dikes and faggots just don’t get the black dot period…!

  2. Nice! Is that a .308, or maybe a .300 Win Mag?

    I once had a dream that I was long-range sniping in a conflict with some kind of enemy that had taken over my country, and I was trying to stay unidentified as long as possible. I remember being really careful to never touch the ammo I was using with my bare hands, or even with anything that was likely to have had contact with my skin, because it takes only microscopic amounts of DNA to ID someone from a database. Even without a database, it’s even possible now to get a rough description of what someone looks like from a DNA sample. I don’t recall how the dream ended, but I’m sure it wasn’t with me surrendering. 🙂

    1. .308

      I few night ago I had a nicotine patch nightmare about Chinks coming across the border here in droves. The next morning I read about the gold-backed Yuan.

      What do you think about that crazy paint job? I was advised (Koernke) that the stainless steel barrel was a bit too flashy, so I got artistic on the thing. Tiger stripes would have been too much work, so I went with zebra stripes.

      1. I think it turned out great. Very professional-looking camo job.

        You’re on the nicotine patch? Good call on quitting smoking. That’s one thing you don’t want to be addicted to if at all possible.

  3. wHOO’S the crack shot – reminds me of the song good bye to you.nottamistake,windy is as the breeze blowes..never lose yer hat -er firgit about me as the rain falls down on the wishing one’s 3 thumps-up U Pass

    1. I’m no “crack-shot”. I grew up in a big city, so I don’t have the life of shooting experience that many people here do.

      I have an NRA publication called “The Basics of Rifle Shooting”, to which I’m applying the Don Boettcher philosophy of “advanced techniques are the basics mastered”.

      All I know are the basics (site picture, breath control, etc.), and I’m trying to master them.

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