4 thoughts on “Speech Police

  1. Hmm… I don’t see any of those words or any words at all as being exceptions under the First Article. As a matter of fact, freedom of speech is just that. Free to speak however the hell you want. Saying and doing are two completely different things.

    1. This son of a bitch in the video doesn’t have the authority to tell anyone what they can say. He and all of his colleagues together don’t have that authority to tell anyone what to say, and they better f-king figure it out.
      That clause in the 1st Article, you know, “shall make no law abridging freedom of speech”, specifically was put there for the express spoken purpose to protect unpopular speech.
      That son of a bitch in the video should know that video alone is evidence of his sedition and treason, and it will hang him.

  2. …and just before he disappears after a jaw-dropping performance of the poo-poo dance, that 1st Article will be securely stitched and stapled to the tip of his treasonous, treacherous forked tongue.

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