8 thoughts on “Spiders On Drugs

  1. OMG OMG i would have a panic attack i can hardly write i am so terrified of them. I always say, put me in a room w one no need to waterboard me i will tell you everything you want to know and more.

    1. I like spiders. They’re the only bug I don’t kill. Yesterday I had one hanging onto my windshield wiper at 50 MPH

      No – I don’t kill dragon flies either, because they eat mosquitoes. Anything that eats mosquitoes here is sacred as a cow in India.

      1. I like spiders too and try to ignore them so they can catch more mosquitos. But there can be too much of a good thing, and I’m forced to vacuum up their webs inside the house every now and then.

        Come to think of it, most bugs don’t bother me at all. I actually like having bees around. Honey bees are docile except near their hives, and their extreme importance goes without saying. Bumblebees and those big, fat carpenter bees almost never sting people unless they get caught in clothing, etc. Dragonflies are also cool, and I can’t imagine anyone having a problem with butterflies or ladybugs. Moths can be slightly annoying, but I don’t really mind them.

        The only everyday insects I really hate are mosquitos and social wasps, for obvious reasons. Yellowjackets (I hate it when people call them “bees”) are downright vicious and account for an overwhelming percentage of insect stings. (Most solitary wasps aren’t aggressive at all.) Houseflies and gnats get dishonorable mentions as well.

        1. I’m with you on the mosquito’s and wasps.
          About 2 1/2 months ago I had my first wasp sting and 5 minutes later went into anaphylactic shock, NOT fun.
          Got through with no medical treatment, actually didn’t know at the time the seriousness of what was happening. All major systems shutting down. I take great pleasure in killing wasps, they are all culprits now. Used to be, I’d let them be, but not now, they are deadly to me now.

          1. If you have ill reactions to bee and wasp stings, I have herd you should eat local honey and local bee pollen. Local meaning harvested from local bee hives. This will build up resistance to the side effects of being stung.

  2. There’s more comedy than science there. Decades ago a spider given LSD built perfectly a symmetrical web.

  3. OMG …Mary! LOL! I was watching this intently!
    I always have thought spiders were interesting creatures. Some of the webs are so beautiful.
    Now we get Chemtrail webs….must be spiders on Chemtrails….
    Thanks Mary

  4. That was too funny! It sounds like a propaganda add against users of …………..
    I remember what Jolly Roger has mentioned and that they also took them up in space and did the same test.

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