Caught! U.S. Gov’t Shipped 1700 Metric Tons Of New, U.S. Weapons To Al Nusra Terrorists In Syria


The United States Government, specifically the US Department of Defense, has been caught supplying 1700 metric tons of brand new, advanced U.S. weapons, to the Jabhat Al Nusra, the Al Qaida terrorist group affiliate inside Syria!  The weapons were shipped on a transport vessel by sea, through the port of Aqaba, Jordan to Aleppo, Syria.   

1700 tons of American weapons to al-Nusra Kbnd


Al-Nusra Front terrorists during their retreat from the Syrian army, were unable to evacuate the weapons and munitions bunker.  

Russian state television on Friday, announced the news, saying a warehouse full of Western and American weaponry consisting of a series of ground and aerial weaponry for various operations,  including highly advanced guided missiles to target aircraft, had been discovered.

According to the report, some of the weapons arrived June 21 (early June) including 1,700 tonnes respectively. After accepting delivery of the weapons, many of them made in America, shipments were then made to areas under the control of Al Nusra and ISIS in Syria.  Worse still, the United States did this while sitting at the bargaining table with Russia supposedly negotiating peace for Syria!  This is proof of an outright American deception!

The capture of the weapons was announced from inside the warehouse where they were stored.  Shown to the public on TV were American mortars, American anti-tank weapons, American guided missiles which use a spotter system, as well as a large number of boxes of ammunition and grenades showing them to be made in, and property of , the United States DOD (Dept. of Defense).

According to the report, terrorists had been found with weapons which could target aircraft  like Syrian and Russian transport helicopters used for transporting humanitarian aid to different parts of Syria, which was the stated goal of the goal cease fire efforts.

According to Russian media, as well as on information published by the Research Center Kartramryka, in addition to providing weapons to Jabhat al-Nusra, which is on  the UN list of global terrorism, 23 anti-Syrian armed groups such as the Free Syrian Army, received TOW anti-tank weapons from America.

The report adds: While some advanced American weapons including anti-tank missiles went to armed “moderate” groups backed by America, many people with extremist groups on the UN’s list of terrorism, actually received most of the weapons.

A military expert on a Russian TV network said of some of the weapons available, that  America is the exclusive producer of such weapons to meet NATO’s military operational standards.  In other words, they could not have come from any other country.

Once again, the corrupt and murderous regime of Barack Hussein Obama, has been caught lying to foreign partners during “peace” negotiations, trading with the enemy, and being enabled by dishonorable men in the US Department of Defense, who have have thrown away American integrity, by following illegal orders to supply weapons to the very terrorist groups attacking innocent people around the world.

Shortly, SuperStation95 will commence the public identification of the US military commanders responsible for these weapons shipments, and while we have not yet decided to do so, we areinclined to publish their home addresses so any Americans that wish to . . .  petition for redress of grievances . . . . will be able to do so.

How Al Qaida became Al Nusra

As the battle for Aleppo gathered momentum and the encircled terrorist factions responded violently to the strangulation of their supply lines and loss of territory in eastern Aleppo, CNN went to extraordinary lengths to obfuscate US connections to these terror gangs, romanticize the role of terror in Syria and even more astonishingly “normalize” suicide bombers and promote the re-branded Al Nusra as the new “moderates”.

Al Nusra Front (aka Al Qaeda in Syria) under new nomenclature suddenly become ‘freedom fighters’ (sound familiar?) and the new ‘reasonable moderates’ in the US mainstream media and the US voting public barely seemed to notice!

EDITOR’s NOTE:  On August 2nd 2016, as the Syrian Arab Army made serious advances on the ground against the NATO and GCC-backed terrorist factions occupying the eastern sectors of Aleppo, the Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, Jabhat Al Nusra made the announcement that it was changing the name of the group. Naturally, CNN ran with this story almost immediately.  Concealing the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is the one arming these terror groups seems to be an essential component of mass-media coverage these days.

We here at SuperStation95 do not play that game.


4 thoughts on “Caught! U.S. Gov’t Shipped 1700 Metric Tons Of New, U.S. Weapons To Al Nusra Terrorists In Syria

  1. America is the exclusive producer of such weapons to meet NATO’s military operational standards. In other words, they could not have come from any other country.

    Nothing but the best for our Israeli friends, and godly masters.

    Anyhow, good material for Putin to justify making good Russian goulash from them terrorists.

  2. Caught? They get caught every week. You can’t get a profitable war going unless you hire, and arm up some enemies.

    1. I know. They get caught every week. What’s their point? No one does shit about it, so they continue to do it, knowing that even if they’re caught no one cares. When will we put an end to it, permanently?

  3. And now, we’re supposed to believe the NFL’s “Hall of Fame” game was cancelled because of paint? What, they’ve never played in ice or snow? Boy are we ever stupid! “Dumb-de-dumb, how you doin’ Bill? Just fine Frank.” We’ll all forget about it tomorrow but this bullshit cannot be topped!

    What an insult to the intelligence of anyone that hears this cock-a-mamie story to begin with. I’m flabbergasted! It’s unbelievable!

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