Spike Timmons Obituary

RICHARD “SPIKE” TIMMONS, 51, of Fort Wayne, passed away March 2, 2018. “He was a wonderful father and a friend to all and he will be missed by all who knew him.” Survived by sons, Randy (Christie) Timmons and James Timmons; companion, Elizabeth Camarillo, and the mother of his children, Shannon Timmons. Private services. Arrangements by Midwest Funeral Home & Cremation Society.

Elizabeth needs our help.  You can send donations to Elizabeth Camarillo, 914 St. Marys Ave, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46808.

Spikes Celebration of Life will be Thursday, March 8th at 5:30pm at the First Presbyterian Church, 300 W. Wayne St., Fort Wayne IN 46802.

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17 thoughts on “Spike Timmons Obituary

  1. Signed.

    Gone, but never forgotten, brother.

    2nd time for this comment… the 1st one mysteriously disappeared.

  2. sending $10 i know its not much but if enough people send in a little it will add up , sorry for your loss

  3. Rest in Peace Spike. You were and still are a great teacher of the truth. Thank you and Henry for opening my eyes last year. As time waits for no one I will work to spread the truth as you did. THANK YOU BROTHER!

  4. I have searched for days about the cause of death. I have only found that he died after an accident at his home. Does anyone have any more info on this? I am at work, so I miss Mark Koernke’s show which probably discussed it some.

    1. Apparently Spike fell down the stairs in his house. There was an extension cord that he had run from upstairs to downstairs, but in talking to Elizabeth, I don’t believe he tripped on it, as he had duct taped the cord flat to the floor. Elizabeth believes, and it would seem to be the case, that it was just a misstep and there was a wall at the bottom of the stairs.
      I believe Spike was absolutely alone as the only garment was a towel on the staircase as he was getting ready to shower. Not to mention his german shepard, Liberty, which would pretty much eliminate even a ninja sneaking in. An autopsy has been performed as there was no one there to witness what happened. The results will not be available for 8 to 10 weeks.
      Bottom line. It would seem it was just a terrible, terrible accident and a damnable shame.
      Hope this helps.

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