9 thoughts on “Spraying today ahead of a rain front. SOP

  1. It amazes me that the average sheep cant see this. If the sheeple would just look up and open their eyes they could see it. But they wont. They just keep their heads down and ignore it. I guess if they don’t see it, it isn’t there.

    1. Bulldog,

      After all the crap weather we have had here this week, I noticed some HUGE chemtrails this morning around 7am when it was partly sunny and blue skies, by 11am it was completely overcast, dark and dreary and by noon the snow that we were not suppose to get started coming down.

      We can see the chemtrails on some nights when the moon is full. We never watch the msm weather, we just watch the skies. Oh wait, we are all batshit crazy and wear tinfoil hats. haha

      I just wonder where in hell do they get the money to spray us all like roaches!?! There’s no money when there is a “gov shutdown”, but they can find money to kill us slowly. GRRR

  2. Why would airplanes fly in a grid pattern, crisscrossing the sky to cover as much as possible with this haze, rather than follow “normal” flight paths that would be more or less along the same trajectory, overlapping more or concentrating the “contrails” along a corridor? It makes no sense that these are regular planes.

    What explanation is there that makes sense, that one could see one plane with a “contrail” and another one with a “chemtrail” flying simultaneously a short distance from one another — the chemtrail staying put in the sky (or having a definite start and stop point with NO PLANE IN SIGHT — wouldn’t the trail follow the plane right up to its butt? (and sometimes there are breaks in the chemtrail itself! right in the middle!) – -and the contrail following the plane only a short distance and the “start” end NOT staying fixed in one spot, but disappearing as the plane keeps moving?

    It’s like someone took a magic marker and drew a line in the sky.

    I am waiting for some explanation that makes sense. And I haven’t heard one yet. I have tried using these questions on my unquestioning, accepting family and friends, to no avail. I have heard, “we have increased air traffic these days.” “we have always had contrails that turn into ‘cirrus’ clouds, ever since there were jets” “the reason you can see the two different types of ‘contrails’ is due to differences in atmospheric conditions — one plane is higher than the other and so the air is colder and the contrail disappears…”

  3. EE i have done the same thing, and gotten the same arguments. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink. they prefer to spray just before a rain event which is forecast for tonight.

  4. I will admit not sure about the whole spraying thing,that said,if a sedative ect. tis not working on me or driving me to be a raving lunatic,what exactly is the reason if they are really happening with these chemtrails?

    1. James go to startpage.com and do a search on it. there’s a lot of info on it. One guy who as studied it well is Jeff Carnicom. Check it out,

      1. James it seems they like to run patterns ahead of rain storms for some reason. Possibly weather control of for fallout on us. not sure though.

    2. James,
      My wife was preaching Chem ttrails to me for a long time and I kept saying yeah right get your tin foil hat out. 🙂 I started checking into it and doing my own research and found the truth. It is real. Personally, I think they are trying to fix what they broke with all of the nuke tests.But there are aa lot of other possibilities that it could be.

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