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How many of you know that there is no recession and that the United States is actually in the middle of a boom?  I became aware of this assertion watching an episode of a segment of Bulls and Bears on FOX News’ The Cost of Freedom Show Saturday morning.  America is indeed a land of plenty…for the few.  The only real problem is the 100 million of us that had to be eliminated from the equation to procure the gluttonous prosperity for a handful.

Watch these elitists, awash in glee, as they describe how wonderful life is for them.  They do not go to bed at night hungry, worrying about a stack of bills they cannot pay.  They are enjoying their lives.  When a new car commercial comes on the television, they can actually consider a purchase, maybe for their son or daughter who will be graduating high school this year and going off to college as a member of the golden key society.

You see them ecstatic that the price of oil is going up because this means that their investments in the stock market are sure to rise as another round of quantitative easing looms on the horizon.

The fact is their lives would be perfect if they could only euthanize a third of our population, which they have already replaced with a third world labor force.  You see we are just excessive baggage, a glut of human resource on the world market and our pissing and moaning about our poverty has become a nuisance.

Not since the French Revolution has such arrogance been displayed.  Of course, remember that all that has been acquired by these non-producers has been the result of their theft from the rest of us.  The very thought that a debt note can perpetuate wealth through the accumulation of a negative tells the whole story.

On a level playing field these so called aristocrats would be reduced to common day laborers as they posses no real skill to produce any tangible ware.  This is why they will fall.  This situation is leading us into a revolutionary war, and in war, producers always prevail and free producers always prevail over slave producers.

So let these arrogant parasites come forth and meet our challenge, as we have created every mechanism that they believe they can use against us.  And, through our ingenuity, we will destroy them in short order.

These arrogant elitists deplore our Constitution and the thought of our individual rights and freedoms.  Like their Bolshevik forefathers in Russia, they seek to destroy us as producers because they know that it is our aptitude for production that will cause their elimination.  The tree dies from the top down and there is nothing but dead wood at the top.

Let us go forward, spitting our contempt in our enemies’ face.  Let us punk them and push them around as they are the lesser of our species and we cannot proceed into the future until we put them in their place.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

13 thoughts on “Start Punking the Elite

  1. Was listening to pastor Lindsey Williams who as you are aware is in touch with the Top echelons of the New World Order Elite, he claimed that 100% of them do not live in big cities. They know the collapse is coming, it is being held back to maximise their debt accumulation worldwide but when it happens there will be little chance for the mass of people.

    Starvation sounds ludicrous in this day and age, but few of us could survive without the distribution of food and water. Most think milk comes from a bottle in the local store.

    Scary times, sad times, tragic times. The elite have us under their CONTROL and know that starving folk are not a serious threat, starving folk will fight among themselves for any scraps. There are no spiders in parts of Cambodia, they have all been eaten because they added some relief to plain rice. Americans and most people especially in big cities will not even have the luxury of rice in a financial collapse.

    It is imperative that Ron Paul becomes president to fight off the evil intent of the NWO for all countries of the world and to put the people back firmly in control of their destiny. Otherwise many will most likely die needlessly in the NWO evil aim for humanity.

    1. People need to jump off the Ron Paul fantasy train. No one is coming to save us, we must do it ourselves. Once everybody realizes this then the real work can be done. The best thing politically everyone can do is begin getting people sympathetic to the cause in office (state, county, city, sheriff) and forming mutual defense groups.

      Once the party starts no one is going to come and save you, continue your preps and be ready.

      1. ‘People need to jump off the Ron Paul fantasy train. No one is coming to save us, we must do it ourselves’

        here here! thats the spirit!

  2. “Most men will live content when neither their property nor honor is touched” —- Nicolo Machiavelli

    People will labor away, struggling to survive peaceably, regardless of how poor they are. Poor people become full-time workers and problem solvers, while the rich enjoy endless playtime, and that will continue as long as the poor are left alone, probably because poor people don’t have time to even contemplate these things, but instead move from solving one of life’s problems to the next.

    A massive education effort (like the truth movement) can change that, and so can starvation. A few days of hunger will have angry people in the streets all over the place, and food for thought can accomplish the same thing, but much more slowly, and much less violently.

    Peaceful change will come through education. Violent change will come through hunger. Both are headed our way, so it’s a matter of seeing who wins the race.

    I personally think that Americans are very lazy, soft and spoiled, and will continue to ignore our problems until they no longer can, and that’s the recipe for hunger and violence.

  3. @ Chris

    One always should choose the intelligent way, The United States has a Constitution written by remarkable men. Ron Paul is remarkable, he educates, over a month of rallies he drew 125,000 young intelligent people to enthusiastically support his call to liberty and follow the Constitution.

    One also should not be a fool and take for granted that good always triumphs over evil and prepare accordingly. This means joining groups such as you describe or your church and actively involve yourself and others towards civic goals. Equally learn skills, opt out of the control system as far as possible or at least actively do not support it.

    The fantasy is to ignore Ron Paul and the Constitution, 125,000 young people using twitter and facebook transcribes into a huge army of well informed people. naturally the media would have us believe Ron Paul is a non event, I suggest not listening to the propaganda.

    1. I never said ignore Ron Paul or the constitution. I support him 100%. It’s becoming clearer every day that Ron Paul is not going to swoop in and save us, he gave us the knowledge to make the change but we need to stop throwing this guy out there like he’s the end-all. It’s time we start thinking about the real changes we are going to make at a local level to act as a buffer to the oppressive federal government.

      1. Ron Paul is a symbol of hope, freedom and liberty but that doesn’t mean that he will change anything if he gets into office. Chris is right about the fact that WE THE PEOPLE have to do something as Ron Paul cannot do everything alone, especially when he gets into office. People who think that Ron Paul will wave a magic wand and everything will be destroyed and the Constitution will be restored in one day are still living in LA LA Land. It is only with the people’s continuous activism and support for freedom and sovereignty and the end of the elite, that we can win this war. With the elite being set back 6 months, we can see that more people are waking up and we are winning some battles. But a majority of it is because of Russia and China stepping up their game unexpectedly, according to the elite as stated by Lindsey Williams. Remember don’t think of Ron Paul as the savior of our country or mankind. Think of his MESSAGE as the savior of our country or mankind. Then think of Ron Paul as the icing on the cake. It’s the Constitutional and moral values that this man holds dear and the “idea whose time has come”, that we should enforce to our utmost ability, NOT the man himself.

      2. Bullshit. Sorry buddy, but we are not going to play stupid in pretending that we are going to vote in “good people” at the local level and somehow make a change. Here is a bombshell for you, this government is 110% corrupt, from the meter maid to the president. They are a cartel, a syndicate, and have already begun seizing control at the local levels for the implementation of UN Agenda 21. This is the bully on the playground, pal. He is not going to stop because all the kids got together and said he should.
        The problem here is the people’s failure to enforce absolute our constitutionally guaranteed rights. We have a power structure wherein we know we cannot make corrections through elections at the federal level because the elections are corrupt.
        What, do you think that the local elections are any less controlled? The only difference at the lower level is that it isn’t quite so noticed when candidates have “accidents”.
        All of those primaries and caucuses wherein we the people were denied our rights and disenfranchised, those were run by local gangsters.
        So don’t come around here spreading fairy dust and expect us to go into a trance and start contemplating the hair in our belly buttons while the neo-cons continue stealing our country for their corporate masters or taking it to war.
        I’ll be clear. I’m not a Democrat. Democrats are treasonous. And I’m not a Republican. Republicans are treasonous. I’m not even an Independent because they call themselves a party. I am in individual freeman national of the united States of the Americas and ultimately know who must defend my rights.
        This is not something we are going to elect any son of a bitch to get out of. Even if Ron Paul is elected there will be physical conflict. These mobsters are not just going to give up what they are stealing from us and go away. They have to be driven out.

        1. To each their own I guess, I am not trying to peddle hope and bullshit but too many people are focused on the federal election rather than focusing on their local situation. Vote or not I have met many like minded people who thought they were the only people in the area with their views, I am not throwing all my weight behind elections of any kind but it’s still a good place to network.

  4. No revolution has ever succeeded. Take a good look at the world.

    We need to evolve, not revolve (do the same things over and over.)

    The problem is people need to be educated on the nature of money. What passes for money today is just private scrip intended to enrich its owners. You are not the owner. Look at the bill in your pocket — Federal Reserve Note. Sovereign money issued without interest would be a good start.

    Ron Paul either does not understand the nature of money or he is intentionally lying in order to progress the elite agenda. Higher interest rates are his mantra. He wants his friends to collect the usury, not Bernanke’s friends.

    Who steals my money is less important than the fact my money is being stolen. Our money (and thus our country and freedom) was stolen in 1913.

  5. Ron paul mantra is end the FED which is ending the private script called money. His mantra is end the IRS which is the due usury collection agency for the cartel who supply script at no cost to them but at usury or interest on the national debt to us. No collection agency means a massive monopoly money write off by the zionist banking cartel of thieving scum.

    Limited Government, end the Wars, returning to constitutional money is not putting money in the hands of your friends but putting money where it is earned in the hands of the people.

    It is not Dr Paul’s style to spell out enemies or call out enemies but his policies achieve greatness and will save much suffering and create much optimism for all.

    With regard to interest for the use of wealth as opposed to usury which is a due charge on fractional or leveraged private issued paper script this he says is up to the market. There must be a return on Capital for it to be deployed.

    Each of us wants a return on capital, be it our work effort or the employment of our savings as a result of our work.

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