Staten Island Cops Drag Man Out of His House at 5:30 a.m., Beat the Hell Out of Him, Charge Him With Nothing

Reason – by Brian Doherty

Somewhere out there in America nearly every day, the Thin Blue Line of civilization are behaving like monsters. Yes, policing is hard, especially on the poor sucker who is being policed to within an inch of his life for no reason.

NY Daily NewsNY Daily News

From the New York Daily News. Louis Falcone says that his brother had come home drunk at around 4:30 a.m. on June 19, and the two of them got in an argument loud enough for a noise complaint. About an hour later, after the noise issue was long over, four cops showed up at his door.

Here’s what Falcone said happened next, from the News story:

“As I’m talking to them through the screen door, they’re saying to come outside,” Falcone recalled. “I said, ‘For what?”

Then, his dog Looch, part pitbull, began barking.

“The cops said, ‘Get your dog out of here or I’ll f—— kill it!’” Falcone says. “I was like, ‘What do you mean you’re going to kill my dog?’”

He said he was shooing Looch away when an officer yanked Falcone outside.

“They threw me against the concrete in front of my house,” he said. “My first reaction was to try to get up a little bit.”

On the video, one of the officers is seen entering the home. Then, the others try to restrain Falcone on the ground….

“Then they’re hitting me for no reason,” he said. “One puts his knee on my neck. They were all piling on top of me.”

He said he was pleading with cops to be careful with his foot.

“I said, ‘Please, I just had surgery on my foot,’” Falcone said. “One of the cops stepped on my foot. Another cop comes and steps on my head.”…

Falcone says he was left with a broken nose, two black eyes, cuts to his face and body, and needed more foot surgery.

Video embedded in the News story from across the street shows the beating, though not close up. The audio isn’t clear enough to verify Falcone’s claim that:

“While I was on the ground, I had mud and blood in my mouth,” he said. “One (of the cops) said, ‘Don’t let it get on you, he probably has AIDS, the f****t.’”

The police’s account:

When police arrived, “Falcone became belligerent and uncooperative. He appeared to have been injured in the fight with his brother. As the officers attempted to subdue him, he resisted and spit blood in the face of one of them,” a police spokesman said.

“The officers were able to restrain him and he was transported by EMS to a local hospital for evaluation.”

Falcone was charged with no crime after being beaten. He “now plans to sue in federal court for civil rights violations, lawyer Eric Subin said.”

10 thoughts on “Staten Island Cops Drag Man Out of His House at 5:30 a.m., Beat the Hell Out of Him, Charge Him With Nothing

  1. So in other words, the cops had their breakfast disturbed and decided to kick someone’s ass in retalliation. (and all for a noise complaint)
    For this my ancestors have fought in every war since the revolution until Korea,
    and current generation dealing with more ‘modern’ wars.
    And so it seems that TPTB are now using the pigs to declare war on it’s own.
    The writing’s on the wall, people: see that they’re doing military drills with China,
    and the BRICS bank thing, well that’s just the same shit repackaged for the alleged ‘enemy’. It’s all just B/S.

    They all are just playing the 99% worldwide for fools. Some of us 99ers maybe are fools, but again so is the 1 percent.

  2. ““Then they’re hitting me for no reason,” he said. “One puts his knee on my neck. They were all piling on top of me.””

    Ahh…the infamous “Putting the knee on the neck” technique that all Nazi cops are trained to do now by their Zionist masters. Is this the only technique they know how to do? It’s funny how cops from different towns and states, who are supposed to be independent of one another, all use the same exact technique to subdue someone. And people think our police force is not centralized. Sheeple….

    I just can’t believe the world I’m living in.

    1. I can’t believe it either. 🙁
      The truly sad thing is that Sheeple (my TX in-laws included) believe that they are the “Good Guys”, here to “Serve and Protect”, and absolutely Refuse to hear otherwise. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    2. Just like I can’t stomach the beliefs that keep folks shouting NAZI when it is jews not Germans or nazi’s training cops to treat us like jews treat Palestinians and any populace t.h.e.y. (t=the h=hebrews e=enslaving y=you) control. Nazi’s were never the criminals jews have always been. Germans were not kicked out of 89 countries 109 times and ALL the propaganda around ww2 is just that yet most just parrot it like reality means nothing and belief trumps actual events. Do you get a distinct impression that pigs treat us like we are lower than dirt? That pigs see us as criminals without any requirement of proof? That pigs are “chosen” for low I.Q., high aggression and an inability to feel empathy? Just like jewish “settlers”? Who do you “believe” wrote the tests used to winnow out moral and thinking men for employment as pigs? Who do you “believe” is actively training these pigs? Germans or racist, supremacist jews? Jews declared war on Germans in the thirties! Jews promised Churchill that t.h.e.y. would “bring the U.S. into ww2 on England’s side if he promised t.h.e.m. (t=the h=hebrews e=enslaving m=mankind) Palestine in return! It was jews that were responsible for the media lies that “justified” the wars atrocities to Germans AFTER the war! Kill Kill Kill ALL GERMANS, babies, old people girls too but rape them first wrote Ilya Erenburg over and over again! Have you read the protocols? Do they describe what jews are doing? Who said “if my sons did not WANT wars there would be none”? Who said “give me control of a nations currency and I care not who makes its laws”? Do their descendants control YOUR currency? For GOD’S sake GERMANS WERE THE VICTIMS OF JEWS JUST AS PALESTINIANS ARE AND WE ARE! As long as we demand to use money at least but that is a topic for another dialogue. It is past time for the 110th!

  3. “now plans to sue in federal court for civil rights violations, lawyer Eric Subin said.”

    and that’s why it wont stop.
    the police victimised him, now he intends to victimise taxpayers.

    if it happened to me, i would recreate “nightmare on elm-street”.
    people need to start laying down some force on these filth.

    1. This filth deserves death or more to my liking life at extreme labour working from “can’t see to can’t see sick or healthy with all labour benefiting the very people attacked by the criminals. More to the point is the jews training these 5 watt thugs deserve MUCH worse! The politicians pushing the goals of these jews deserve MUCH worse!

  4. I’m getting sick and tired of all the police brutality…. with ZERO
    penalty for the killer cops.

    Someone better put a stop to the police brutality before the people decide to stand up and end it themselves.

    Peace on Earth will only come when the people WISE UP and stop signing into the military and police departments.

    The only people signing into these institutions are the sick bastards that want to kill others. THEY are the cancer of this planet.

  5. “I’m from ‘Merica’, don’t defy us or we’ll KILL YOUR SORRY ARSE!” Yes, beacon of Freedom, how do you reconcile peace and equality with tyranny and racism? I guess we just never have the conversation. It’s much easier to point out that “nigger in the woodpile” than to have an intelligent conversation regarding the subject. It’s way too easy for someone to throw a “racist” grenade into a conversation and steer it away from any meanful exchange of thought. Are we destined to implode upon our own prejudices?

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