1. You’re welcome. She is one to watch. Hard to see where someone from the inside will take it. But yes, she did give powerful warning.


  1. Do you really trust a politician who is part of the European Union to tell you to rebel against your “democratically elected” National politicians? Someone sitting there with a ring of stars behind her? Someone who says it’s for “God’s sake” TWICE in one short speech? What about YOUR sake & MY sake & out family’s sake? (And just WHO is HER God anyway?) Someone who takes a quote from Albert Camus & uses it as her own so she can try to sound “like one of us”? NEVER trust these snakes!!! THINK about where the EU & the UN want to take us & how they might try to get us there – they need National sovereignty, and along with it the last shred of individual sovereignty, to be a thing of the past – problem… reaction… solution… – and as per usual WE do all the fighting & dying for them! NO!!! STOP waiting for a hero & BE YOUR OWN HERO!!!

    “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” – Albert Camus

    1. I hear that, Ally. I can just imagine her saying:

      “I’ve finally awakened to the organization I work for and now see it for what it is: a tentacle of the tyrannical monster forcing its oppressive agenda on the people of the world. I will no longer take my paycheck from this demon-enterprise and am walking away from it to join in the fight for freedom.”

      Ha!! Sometimes imagination is like a naughty child; and sometimes it’s not. 🙂


  2. True Americans will do what needs to be done, Dont’ pay your fckg credit card!!! Whens the last time you some recieved a payment of this free cash floating out of the country!!!!!!!!!!! Broken dodo jumpin off a cliff … Stop and realize this is getting serious

  3. All Americans are owed what has been stolen!!!!!! You who are trying to single us out …. so you got your debt ceiling higher and you think AI!!!! I will kill you within a heartbeat … Sweet dreams ………

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