7 thoughts on “Student says she was told not to discuss CRT survey with parents

  1. BTW, if your children are still in public schools, they will probably not be taught about what the July 4th holiday is about (since there is a call to erase it from the calendar because it is racist). …

    Take Action! Demand That Your Congressional Representatives DO NOT SUPPORT This Very Stupid Idea: Muslim American Heritage Month:

      1. ICYMI, the Cancel Culture agendas and the CRT are collectively designed to abolish The Bill of Rights.

        First Amendment

        And, personally, as a Christian I find comfort and wisdom in the Bible:

        2 Timothy 2:15-22
        ‘Study to show thyself approved unto God …’

        Hosea 4:6
        ‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee …’

        By the grace of God, and what you fear, is that I’m far ahead of you. Many Americans are, and we will NOT go away.

    1. You don’t have any representatives.
      Demand, my ass.
      Lock and f-king load or get on your knees. Be a cold day in hell when I beg for my rights. These mother f-kers are going down and they are going down hard.

    2. Holy, smokin’ Monday!! And welcome to a brand new week of fighting tyranny and its best friend: IGNORANCE. Thank you Christ, for reminding me to buy a sword.

      Good morning, everyone. 🙂


  2. In discussions now with my wife about homeschooling our daughters. Right now my wife is stay at home while I work, and she was planning on going back to work part time in the fall… but honestly, seeing how things are going, I think its the best thing for all of us to do for our children moving forward. I don’t trust leaving my kids alone with these psychopaths.

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