Surgical Update on Kathy

Dear Family and Friends,

Most of you know our friend Kathy went in for a surgical procedure for a Butt Lift using the ObamaCare Medical Plan through her new state run insurance exchange.

She didn’t have the most pleasant experience. She should’ve left well enough alone.   

We wanted to show you how it turned out. We hope this keeps YOU from having this done.

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE . . Don’t get a Butt Lift using the ObamaCare Medical Plan through your new state run insurance exchange.

You’ll most certainly regret it!!!


8 thoughts on “Surgical Update on Kathy

  1. Funny, but reminds me of something that actually happened.

    A friend of mine went on a fishing trip to Canada with several members of his family. His uncle landed a fish and somehow ended up with a hook embedded in his knee. Unable to remove it, they decided to go to a local hospital.

    There was no reason to be concerned, after all, Canada has had socialized medicine for years. And best of all, it would not cost a dime.

    After examining him, the ER doctor called in another doctor and asked for his opinion. After a second exam, the two doctors left the room to discuss the seemingly complex case.

    When the first doctor returned to the room, he informed the patient that if the hook remained, he would die from gangrene, therefore his leg would need to be amputated.

    At this point, the patient began thinking that perhaps socialized medicine was not such a great idea after all. After declining the recommended treatment, he bought a bottle of Canadian whiskey for the ride home, where the hook was quickly removed by his American doctor.

    True story.

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