Surprise Surprise… New Poll Suggests Triple Vaccinated Most Likely To Support Starting WW3 Over Ukraine

100% Fed Up – by Adam Wilson

As Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, US and western politicians have escalated calls for sending advanced weapons to Ukraine and establishing a No Fly Zone in Ukraine.  RINO Adam Kinziger (R-Il.) who voted to impeach President Trump is one of the leading advocates for establishing a No Fly Zone. 

Canadian polling firm EKOS polled people on their support for establishing a No Fly Zone in Ukraine based on their vaccination status.  The poll found that those who have been triple vaccinated or received two shots are far more likely to support establishing a No Fly Zone than those who are unvaccinated.

Those who have received three or more vaccine doses supported establishing a No Fly Zone in Ukraine by a margin of +38.

People who received only two doses opposed establishing a No Fly Zone by a margin of -12%.

Finally, those who are unvaccinated opposed establishing a No Fly Zone by a margin of -38%.

The poll asked other questions based on vaccination status as well.  The questions ranged from Canadians views on sanctions against Russia to asking about what actions Canada should take (if any) to support Ukraine.

Ukrainians themselves are the most vaccine hesitant population in all of Europe.

As of late November in 2021, only 20% of all Ukrainians had been fully vaccinated with two doses.  Some ‘experts’ have chalked up Ukraine’s high rates of vaccine hesitancy to a Russian disinformation campaign which they say was aimed at further destabilizing the country.

The mainstream media has claimed that Russia also aims to promote vaccine hesitancy in Western countries, saying that anti vaccination campaigns are linked to Russian intelligence.

100% Fed Up

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