Surveillance Footage Shows Nashville Shooter Used a Carbine Which Fires Pistol Rounds, Not an AR-15 by AWR HAWKINS

Surveillance photographs and video footage shows the 28-year-old transgender suspect who attacked the Nashville Christian school was using a carbine which fires pistol rounds, not an AR-15.

The 28-year-old was armed with three firearms, and police photos of the guns show that an AR-15 was not one them.

The firearms were an AR-pistol, a handgun, and a carbine. The type of carbine possessed by the attacker uses 9mm or .40 caliber handgun rounds.

From surveillance video, it appears the attacker may have used the AR-pistol to shoot and shatter the glass on the front door. But in photos and videos that show her walking the halls, looking for potential targets, she is holding the carbine.

NPR reported that the attacker used a handgun and “two AR-style guns,” but she did not. She had a carbine — which is not an “AR-style” gun — an AR-pistol, and a handgun.

Gun control activist David Hogg has been pushing for a ban on AR-15 rifles in the days since the attack on the Christian school, retweeting CNN’s Josh Campbell’s post-Nashville claim that “The AR-15 style rifle is the weapon of choice for the nation’s deadliest mass shooters.”

Hogg went so far as to tweet, “If you believe that an AR 15 is worth more than a child you are an enemy of the American people.”

But MNPD photos show the attacker did not have an AR-15 rifle. And surveillance photos and videos show her walking the hallways with a pistol-caliber carbine.


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