Suspect wounded in shootout with police at Pennsylvania Wal-Mart

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A gunman who was randomly firing a semi-automatic rifle in the parking lot of a northeastern Pennsylvania shopping center in the middle of the day Saturday provoked a shootout with police that left him with two bullet wounds, but did not harm anyone else, state police said.

State police Capt. James Degnan said police responded at around 12:30 p.m. to multiple 911 calls about the gunfire, which struck some vehicles. The man shot at local police when they arrived and they returned the fire. Multiple rounds were exchanged, he said.  

The suspect, who Degnan said was not carrying identification and whose identity had not yet been confirmed, was wounded in the abdomen and thigh. He was undergoing surgery at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center in Wilkes-Barre as of late afternoon.

A woman who was with the suspect was being questioned by state police in an attempt to learn more about what prompted the shooting rampage. Degnan said he was unsure whether she is related to the man, but that police do not consider her a suspect.

Businesses, including a Wal-Mart store that anchors the shopping center, were locked down during the incident.

Tina Wagner, an assistant manager at Wal-Mart, said there no interaction between the shooter and the people in the store.

“We kept all our associates and customers safe,” she said.

4 thoughts on “Suspect wounded in shootout with police at Pennsylvania Wal-Mart

  1. Wal Mart’s new corporate slogan. ” Save money live better”.
    To bad this guy wasn’t a ” better shot”. They always have better prices on ammo most of the time. I’ll give them that.
    This guy must have finally got fed up with seeing 15 checkout lines and only three aisles open. Unless you want to self check out. Where you can… work all week, drive to the store… check everything out yourself instead of going through one of the three checkouts backed up waiting for price checks. Pack everything up yourself and take your sorry ass home and unpack it. That’s after looking at most of the foreigners they captured or enslaved locals they employ.
    Wal mart always low prices …always.

  2. What? The crisis actor didn’t “kill himself” as they normally do? I wonder if he is going to survive? I hope so, because it will be easier to identify him as an actor that way.

  3. They didn’t say that the shooter was a “white supremacist with ties to domestic terrorist and right-wing extremist militia organizations”, so I’m assuming it was a black guy.

    1. They’re now working on and editing his Facebook page and Twitter accounts. Plus don’t forget his black manifesto. Can’t have an active shooter without a manifesto. That would be against active shooter protocol.

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