2 thoughts on “Suspicious! Pentagon Blocks ALL Leave to Diego Garcia!

  1. I was stationed at D.G. for one year in 1980. For it was a one yr tour of duty. At the time, one did not leave Hawaii and go to D.G. for leave. Nor did one leave the Philippines to go to D.G. for Leave. It was a duty station of “un-accomponied” tour of duty. What that meant was that if you are married, the spouse (and children) stay behind while you went to the Island. In those days, there were no females stationed on the Island other than those on the Ship Tenders. Many of the females were busted for prostitution!! If there were women stationed on the Island at that time, I would of never left the place and re-upped just so I could stay there!!! I don’t know about today, but why would it be a big deal to go on Leave to D.G.? I guess the times they are a changing on the Island and the casinos are a blazing with action!!! (sarcasm).

  2. I think flight 370 is here. There are so many signs leading to this being the perfect place. I may be wrong, and the latest pinging “black box” signals may saw other wise but i put little faith in that info. I whole heatedly think this plane is sitting somewhere, not in the ocean.

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