Switzerland arming in preparation for European meltdown?

RT News  The Swiss Army is preparing contingency plans for violent unrest across Europe. A nation mostly famous for its banks, watches and chocolate fears it may face a massive influx of European refugees in the near future.

One of the world’s richest nations openly expressed concerns over the possible outcome of Europe’s continuing financial troubles, and is currently conducting army exercises against the possibility of riots along its borders.

In September, the Swiss military conducted exercises dubbed ‘Stabilo Due,’ with scenarios involving violent instability across the EU.

Switzerland has maintained an avowedly neutral stance for decades, and refused to join the eurozone when presented with the opportunity.

Bern’s biggest fear is likely the disorganization of neighboring nations’ armies that would follow general instability; the eurozone crisis and the severe austerity measures in the EU are forcing member-states to significantly slash their military budgets. If protest continues to spread across Europe, police and armed forces may find themselves ill-equipped to manage the unrest.

I will not rule out that we will need the army in the coming years,” Swiss Defense Minister Ueli Maurer said last Sunday.

The Swiss Defense Ministry has pressed ahead to modernize the country’s army despite political opposition. With its multibillion-Franc military budget and an army of around 200,000 soldiers, the country also plans to purchase new ‘Saab Gripen’ jet fighters.

Vladimir Kremlev for RT
Vladimir Kremlev for RT

“Minister Maurer, accompanied by whispers from the top uniformed leadership in Switzerland, is trying to raise awareness that Europe’s massive fiscal-cum-political crisis could get very unpleasant,” John R. Schindler, a professor of national security affairs at the US Naval War College wrote in an article for the XX Committee website.

The Chief of the Swiss Armed Forces, Lieutenant General André Blattmann, likewise revealed plans to deploy an additional four battalions of military police (1,600 soldiers) to protect strategic points across the country. Blattmann is expected to present the plan in December.

Professor Schindler predicts that, “if the next Anders Brievik were to target Muslims, not fellow Europeans, things could get unimaginably ugly very quickly,” which could trigger widespread Muslim uprisings in Europe.

Switzerland, however, stands in stark opposition to the multicultural policies and thinking now common in other European nations. In 2009, Switzerland passed a national referendum banning the construction of Islamic minarets .

And while the global economic crisis has forced several European nations to cut military expenditures, Switzerland has maintained relatively consistent levels of defense spending.

22 thoughts on “Switzerland arming in preparation for European meltdown?

  1. Could this be part of it:
    “The so-called “Lagarde List” – the name given by the Greek press to a list containing 1,991 names of wealthy, Swiss-bank-account-possessing Greeks who are being investigated for corruption and tax evasion”
    Copied from a post here erlier today – “A Second Greek Man Has Been Found Dead Since The Emergence Of ‘The Lagarde List’”
    Posted on October 12, 2012 by Admin
    So if lists like this start to pop up as Europes economic troubles grow, and they likely will, the Swiss may feel a little insecure.

  2. I think you’re dead on the money…pardon the pun. I give credit to the Swiss for running their country according to them and their people rather than cave to whatever the world may think about them. I also feel that Switzerland has the right to defend it’s borders. At least they’re not running around minding other peoples business and interfering where they do not belong…like the US, Canada, Britain, false Israel the list is long but you get what I mean.

    1. hi leon. Interesting view let me say…-) nice meeting you all here guys!!….just posted the article on my fb and e-mailed to some others who are not on fb. I must say – that Switzerland is also involved in dirty businesses….they just do not speak it out in public….not even in a diplomatic language…but – if you go deeper….it is not new and we are artists in hiding what is going on behind the curtains….like other countries also do….caus, the might talk about some wars and violence they are involved….but – are they really saying how it is? I don’t think so. Exchange …people sharing their lives….like on a chat like her……good thing

        1. Albert Hoffman – the father of LSD – had his funeral there a few yr.s ago. Don`t ya know that our fag govt. just had to get involed there and had to try to bust people. Yea I heard all about what they did at his funeral – our govt. that is – actualy I got the reports about that!!! Isn`t it the law that every one has got to have a fire arm in switzerland?

          1. They have the lowest crime rate of any country in the world, BECAUSE almost everyone owns a gun.

          2. In Switzerland, almost ALL citizens have a gun and regardless of whether they have one or not, ALL citizens are required to learn how to use a gun and to take a shooting test and are required to have a certain percentage of accuracy in case of invasion, which is probably one of the reasons why no one tries to mess with them. Something we Americans should have put into place a long time ago.

    1. Before you make fun of the Swiss Military. You better get your facts right. You think the USA is a gun culture. They have nothing on the Swiss. Mandatory military service for all males over 18. I believe they serve to 45. Unlike other reserve armies they keep their weapons and ammo at home. Shooting sports are strongly supported by the government. Limited access routes over land easy to defend. Thanks but given a choice id rather be there then most anywhere else.

      1. Yeah I remember reading that such a high percentage of Swiss had guns at home during WWII that this is one reason why the Germans didn’t invade them. Seems reasonable. That’s why they’re doing the soft kill nationwide across America with backdoor treason by the alphabet agencies to scope creep the 2nd amendment and set up false flags to limit the types of guns you can buy. 50 cal just banned in California. I hope that shit State drops into the ocean.

      1. sorry to disappoint you guys, I’m Swiss and will tell you how it is:

        A male Swiss has to do one year of military service and if not physically qualified he helps out in old age homes or catastrophy prevention, a kind of community service, for females its volontary. After military service you are required by law to store your personal weapon and absolve an obligatory shooting session once a year (so you stay fit using and cleaning your gun).
        Drugs are NOT legal in Switzerland, i.e. if you are caught with a handfull of cannabis (1-2 doobies), you pay a 100 franc fine (+- 100$), if you posess a lot of drugs you get arrested

        I still feel safe living in this country, but BECAUSE of its neutrality I stay vigilant. There are other reasons why they want to stay neutral, reasons are money laundering, the banking secrets and dont forget that Switzerland physically is kinda in the center of Europe (look at the maps) and so a region of strategic interest.


        Kevin from Berne, Switzerland

        1. Yes absolutely Kevin !
          i know that military guns are carefully hidden into basements, cupboards, out of reach and forgotten there until the next service.

          No is allowed to walk in the streets with a gun. As far as i know there is no tolerance.

          We already face a large influx of immigration. it is the ransom for all the looted populations of the world.

  3. It’s just good common sense to prepare for something that’s getting easier and easier to see coming. Social disruption just about everywhere is on the table and it’s a bit of a mystery to me why more people don’t see it and do something to prepare for it.

    Those people putting their faith in governments to come to their aid when troubles begin are making a big mistake.

  4. The Swiss will quite likely do the right thing.
    Given the nature of its military as a decentralized militia, if they’re given the order to defend the banksters from the people, it will backfire.

    They own the Swiss banks, media and government just like they do virtually everywhere else, but they do not own the people, the military or the constitution (which allows the people to overrule every government decision, among other things).

    And contrary to the outcry following the ban on minarets, the Swiss are not overly xenophobic (they’re more concerned about preserving things the way they’ve always been, and minarets just not fitting in with the looks of the cities). If the military is told to kill innocent muslims for having a different religion, it’s just not going to happen.

  5. Dave! The Swiss Army is not one you wish to come up against. They have manned the Vatican for over 100 years and there is no other guard that has ever been chosen to be present there. Take in to account also that they do not bully and assert themselves throughout the world to create chaos and conflict but rather tend to their own people and liberties unlike the US! who wishes to slaughter their people on behalf of religious fanatics and lunatics!

    1. i totally agree with you Leon.

      Regarding the Vatican guards, they have nothing to do with the swiss army. They are two absolutely different entities.

  6. Hi, i’m swiss. you should not get confused with the swiss people : hard working honest and generous and the vault and engineering of the system we host.

    for now the swiss people is the sovereign but there are powerful maneuvers in action to steel this sovereignty. and the swiss people is not rich there are already signs of poverty : Poor people ashamed of asking for some help, poor children raised by a unique parent (often a woman) and elders who search the bins…

    Only the foreigners are rich in switzerland…

    1. @ swiss creamy cheese: I do not know any one from Switzerland but I have heard that the people that are natives there are very good and hard working, humble people.

  7. The Swiss Army is to Germany what the Mexican Army is to the US.

    If the article was about the Mexican Army preparing for a dollar meltdown, you would barely lift an eyebrow.

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