The Hypocrites


The proposers that are pushing eugenics and forced sterilization should all be made to LEAD BY EXAMPLE.  This would shut up the Bill Gates Foundation and all the other loudmouth organizations and idiot people such as Bill Maher.

All the people in the world if placed in Australia would each have 1 acre of land. The earth has abundance of land capable of correct use in feeding and caring for its people, there is an ocean of water under the Sahara,  it is only the gross inequity and heavily funded corporations treated as people that lets the world population down.


All the Jewish Americans and the handful of invested interests should be made to LEAD BY EXAMPLE  and fight in the Iran war.  If such was the case then there is guaranteed to be no more talk of war against Iran.  The 1.7% intimidates 98.3% of Americans, there is no question about this.  Put it to the test and see that it is gross inequity that is letting us down.


If the proposers of austerity were to be made to LEAD BY EXAMPLE and live on Minimum Pay it can be guaranteed that people would be given freedom to be productive and to retain the wealth they produce.  These hypocrites might do a productive days work to improve the wealth of the world.  It is their gross selfish imposed inequity that is letting us down.


Lloyd Blankfein was on CNBC warning that Governments needs to take action to prevent us reaching the fiscal cliff.  If Goldman Sachs and other bankers were to LEADS BY EXAMPLE they would stop funding both of the political parties and both presidential nominees,  most assuredly these prostituted and compromised people would not be doing their insane bidding and all thieving bankers would be properly incarcerated.

The FED would be out of the printing business entirely and responsible constitutional fiscal measures would be adopted.

The fact that he is doing God’s work by buying up congress is certainly not the work of compassionate ‘In God we trust’ of America.   It is the gross inequity administered by his hypocrite God that is letting us down and is bringing us to the fiscal cliff.


If the sole issuers of the world currency were to cancel the insane usury that steals the productive wealth of the world and instead LEAD BY EXAMPLE they would allow a competing currency based on real wealth and not one based on their debt paper.  It is this gross inequity that is letting us down, it is impoverishing the productive and is propping up socialist Governments entirely for the benefit of these non productive wealth controllers.


The scientists, the workers and the directors of Monsanto should LEAD BY EXAMPLE and put this stuff in their mouths every day, preferably three meals a day for a year or so. This would ensure that ethical standards were upheld and that inequity does not prevail.


The pushers of vaccines, the producers of drugs and their immediate families should always LEAD BY EXAMPLE so that we can rest assured like the great kings and tyrants who have food tasters that their vaccines are completely safe.  Just ensuring by common sense requirements that there is no inequity by the big pharma industry.


All the hypocrites that are writing and enforcing their laws should LEAD BY EXAMPLE and be subject to the same laws, to the same pay and the same rights of servitude that the rest of the population presently do not enjoy. Pretty soon there would be a following of the constitution and big brother would become a good little brother. Inequity in law would disappear and inequity in pay and inequity of privalages of the politicians, lawyers and judges would completely disappear.


4 thoughts on “The Hypocrites

  1. Let the Leaders lead the way to depopulation by sacrificing their lives, let the leaders vaccinate themselves, let our leaders be the first to suffer privations through austerity, let the leaders lead in front of our troops in the wars, let the leaders lead the way by eating GMO foods, let the leaders lead the way by sterilizing themselves, let the leaders give up ALL their money to feed the poor, let the leaders sacrifice themselves for Isreal, let the leaders die for OUR country!
    Then we might follow them. NOT!
    I’m with Patton, DON’T DIE FOR YOUR COUNTRY, let the bankers die for their NON COUNTRY!

  2. It’s a treadmill
    They are lawyer’d up, creating laws to cover any area they do not want us to mess with or find them responsible for in anyway.
    Reminds me of when I was a kid, and we were caught cheating at a game we would laugh and say “International Rules”! Make up rules as you go along, without any input or challenge from the other players.
    Our childish games of “International Rules” obviously came from us kids seeing the hypocrisy of the world around us but now the game is real. Governments, UN, lawyers and laws and corruption, and, and….

    We tell the E-lite we did not want that law (Lie) they passed. They say we must have wanted it, because we elected them with a mandate, which they are just fulfilling. What mandate we wonder?
    We tell them of a law we do want passed, but they say we do not have an understanding of real issues, or we are only thinking of ourselves, or it will have too much impact on the environment…
    Oh Fukushima radiation is good for us now they raised the human tolerance level for us, or the BP Gulf of Mexico oil disaster is over, or join the service stop Al-Qaeda, we will take good care of you when you get home…
    They tell us we can get rid of them at the next election, and we do.
    The new guys said they will undo the unwelcome laws passed by the old guys and they don’t.
    They don’t, we are mad again, and turf them out, ad nauseum. Insanity.

    Albert Einstein explained Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

    Can’t trust the E-lite, they will lie to us again, but how do you tell them that we do not like their brand of lie?
    Buy a different brand? Lots of suds, but the dirt is still there, sorry; we have no brand loyalty any more, none.

    How do we get off this treadmill?

  3. @georgew The answer is simple, it is not your treadmill, it is their treadmill and it is disgusting, it is unnatural,it is diabolical ( it comes from the devil) and that is why you and I and all on this site detest them.

    Instead, enjoy what is most precious to you as neither you nor I nor anyone can alter the wheels in motion for over a thousand years, when the time to stop comes then it stops.

    If you have some cash then buy some barter items and some silver to keep in readiness other than that there is nothing required, a skill is always useful.

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