Syria, Libya, Israel, and Al Qaeda

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has declared that Syrian President, Assad, is no longer viable or credible and that she is on the verge of demanding Assad’s resignation.  Hillary who?  Has she now become the spokesperson for an international dictatorial empire that removes the leaders of sovereign countries by declaration?

On August 11th the Libyan Embassy  in the US was reopened and occupied by the Libyan Al Qaeda rebels, who are now being recognized by the US as the legitimate government of Libya.  So now we have Al Qaeda setting up shop in Washington DC.  Do they believe we the people to be blind, deaf, and stupid?

How many Americans are sitting in prisons convicted of lending or funneling financial aid to Al Qaeda?  And now the United States government is buying uniforms and weapons for the Al Qaeda in Libya, providing training and intelligence for Al Qaeda rebels through the CIA, and of course they have provided the rebels with an air force, without which they would have been defeated in the first week.

The activities of our so called government in the Middle East and Northern Africa have absolutely nothing to do with the interests of we the people.  The fact is the stage is being set for the conquest of the Middle East and Northern Africa for Israel.

At the Iowa Debate when Congressman Ron Paul suggested that the US should withdraw from the Middle East and, in short, mind our own business and let the peoples there fight their own battles and determine their own destiny, he was quickly met with criticisms centering on the well being of Israel.

It is said that Israel is our greatest friend and closest ally.  Where does this come from?  By what facts is this assertion put forth?  Israel is an aggressor who is at present operating the largest concentration camp to ever exist on this planet.  They violate international law on a regular basis as if it didn’t exist.  And anyone who dares speak out against them is immediately condemned by the United States.

The fact that the Israelis have infiltrated the US government through the assertion of dual citizenship cannot be denied.  Our country is in peril and we cannot even make changes designed to save ourselves without the monetary and territorial interests of Israel being our number one consideration.  This is wrong on so many levels.

Jews make up approximately 1.5% of our population, yet they have more power and wield more influence in our government than the rest of our population combined.  The Jewish people in the United States need to make a decision.  Are they Americans looking out for the interests of America, or an Israeli Fifth Column attempting to put the might and resources of the United States to the service of the Israeli government for that country’s conquests?

To the Jewish people in America I would say you would be wise to look at your own history as it was this very same disproportionate accumulation of wealth and influence that led to the hate and resentment that finally led to the holocaust in Nazi Germany.  When your religion is put before other people’s intelligence, work, and aptitude, resentment is a natural consequence.  If your loyalties lie in Israel, leave us in peace because any further attempts to lord over us are not advisable considering the state of our nation.

The United States needs to cut all ties with Israel and leave them to sink or swim on their own as the people of the United States will no longer sacrifice the life’s blood of our children for the advancement of an Israeli empire in the Middle East.

As for the US recognition of the Al Qaeda in Libya as the legitimate government, it is not only hypocrisy but arrogance beyond arrogance.  Even by natural law it is the people of a country that decide what is and is not legitimate within their own borders.

Hillary Clinton needs to get her social communistic nose and that of the American people out of the world’s business.  We need to secure our own borders and remove the 139 Fifth Columns that have stationed themselves in the US, while we still retain our sovereignty.

There is a lot of truth in the saying, “Good fences make good neighbors.”  And as the old Hank Williams song says, “Mind your own business and you won’t be minding mine.”  These are words to live and die by.  And as for the Israelis and their assertion that everyone else in the Middle East is wrong and they are right, I say before you criticize others, “Clean up your own backyard.”

God grant us wisdom.

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