99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Thirty Trillion Reasons to Vote for Ron Paul

Well the days are beginning to grow shorter and within another month the leaves will be falling from the trees as fall sets in.  Okay 99ers, 132 days until Christmas, and like I said, within another month the cold will be returning to the night air.  Every day there are more of us and the lie of our non-existence becomes a greater outrage.

I have been advocating Ron Paul for President as our only avenue to salvation, and I stand by that assertion.  Many of you have pointed out that Ron Paul has not addressed the 99ers and this is true, at least partially.  But then again, what candidate has addressed the 99ers?  The fact is within our government as it stands, the only news we hear that directly relates to us are the calls to get rid of the food stamps that are feeding us and our Social Security which is the only light at the end of the tunnel.

99ers believe it or not we do not need Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid.  The fact is we have never needed any of these socialist programs as we are independently wealthy.  Our problem lies in the fact that a corrupt group of gangsters have taken control of our wealth.

If everyone out there could just understand how wealthy the United States is and come to know that by law this wealth belongs, lock, stock, and barrel, to we the people.  The individuals we hire to manage our estate have, through fraudulent conveyances, taken over our power of attorney and are living lavish life styles while we do without.  The massive lands given to the corporations:  Lands for railroads, oilfields, forests, and mountains of minerals were taken from us without compensation.

Maybe I see this clearer than most people because I grew up on an Indian Reservation, rich in resource.  The native people own the resource as real property.  And whenever any resource is sold, they get the money.

Right now there are international corporations, who only exist as American corporations through the filing of a few fraudulent documents, which have literally given them our resources free of charge, to take anywhere in the world to be manufactured by slave labor.  This is robbery by definition and is being facilitated by the traitors in our government.

I will tell you what Ron Paul is promising to do for us and that is to give us our law back.  Once we have our law back we can prosecute the theft and procure the return of our riches to the tune of $30 trillion plus.  We wouldn’t need Social Security, though this money would have to be returned also as a part of our stolen wealth.  We would not need welfare as this program is only for those left destitute, which no legal American would be.

If only the people could see the enormity of the theft that has been going on for a hundred years.   If it were all returned tomorrow the only reason we would have to work would be our natural need to keep busy and leave a better place for our grandchildren, of which what a place that could be.

Instead we just keep on letting them steal, first from our grandfathers, then from our fathers, then from us, now our children and grandchildren, and by God they are working on our great-grandchildren.

All we have to do is say no and mean it and we can be made whole, never to be reduced to beggars at our own table again.  We are not asking for something for nothing, god damn it, it belongs to us.   Let’s vote Ron Paul into office and take it back.

Whether you agree with all of his views or not, listen to what he is saying.  He will abide by the Constitution, restrict himself to one vote as a citizen, and enforce our will.  Our will is to have our Constitution back verbatim.  That means our laws and our courts, which means we can procure the justice we have been denied for a hundred years, which means wealth and prosperity, freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

These things are worth dying for, if necessary, but we don’t have to die.  All we have to do is unite as the American people of the American race, take one another’s backs, and throw down the gauntlet.  These slimy cowards will run and our biggest problem will be chasing them down for the arrests and prosecutions.

Quit looking for pie in the sky down the road.  Stop listening to the green weenie cowards who would accept the chains of servitude.  Band together.  Get mean and let’s take our property back.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. In this video Paul does mention that the unemployment rate is much higher than is being reported due to those not being counted because they no longer file for unemployment benefits.

  2. I don’t know how to get the message out to more american people. I’m just learning about Ron Paul and now am 100% in support of him for 2012. The problem I see is that the News paints him in bad light and doesn’t give him enough air time. I’m really appauled at Fox News. I see him now as the only best hope for america and there are many who don’t even know enough about him or that he even exists.I don’t have the resources to get this information out. I am spreading the word with people I know but its not enough. I’m also donating to his campaign fund. Please How can we get the word out for Ron Paul.

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