13 thoughts on “T-shirt Warrior

        1. Well, anything that contributes could lead to “extreme.” All efforts better than none. Keeps me from sitting on me hands.



          1. ps: I just found out that this guy just died in a “car accident.” Apparently he was a pro-white activist. Not a safe world.



  1. I guess I could pray for Israel to be put in God’s hands…then again the Synagogue of Satan doesn’t exactly worship the same God as I do…Star of Remphan, indeed… Acts 7:43

  2. Thanks, #1. Sad, just like with the holistic doctors and other whistle-blowers. I keep waiting for the promise that “it’ll all come out in the wash,” but that wash has been dirty for a long, long time. Still, we scrub away. Sigh…


    1. Want to know the truth, galen? I’m somewhat surprised that Henry is still around (but VERY glad he is!). Not that he can’t take care of himself & Laura, mind you, but if they threw enough at him…

      Fairly certain I’m pretty high on their list of most-hated Trenchers, as well.

      So be it.

      1. Yeah, I think about that all the time, #1. Only consolation is knowing if we go out it will be doing what we had to do. Still, I assert that we’re all so much more valuable alive than dead and I pray for protection for Henry, Laura and all Trenchers.


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