#T2SDA Warned Stay Out Of DC: Truckers Threatened With Arrest

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Truckers who were riding in the viral “Ride For The Constitution” were threatened with arrest according to Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, and former Department of Justice prosecutor. Klayman revealed to MRCTV in this exclusive interview below that the truckers were not only allegedly threatened with arrest but that they were warned to stay out of Washington D.C., too.  


14 thoughts on “#T2SDA Warned Stay Out Of DC: Truckers Threatened With Arrest

  1. I wasn’t there but just a thought. The ones that did get pulled over were threatened. The cops have CB’s in their cars as well. They can pretend that they’re drivers and say things like, “stay out of the DC loop or you will get arrested” pretending to be a driver. And so on and so on. Happens all of the time on the road with these bastards. CB’ radios can be a problem as much as a tool. Telephones are more secure with something like this.

    The gullible run like the wind.

    Doesn’t matter though. Event was still a success. Even if only one truck showed up. The MSM will sci-ops this thing to death, don’t believe a damn thing fox news or any other MSM rag tries to lie to you about this event.

    Also, about half of the truckers out here are Russians and easterners, who could care less about America. So now the reliable people that will show up and fight gets cut in half. 50% of the truckers are traitors and will fight against our country rather than for it. This was all planned by the ass wipes in power. They don’t want American patriots driving American freight.

    1. I had no idea that this was the case with
      “who” or “what” is driving these days …..
      It sounds as if the trucking industry has
      been taken over like the cab industry has.
      And the hotel industry…
      And the mini-mart industry …..
      I’ve even seen it in the construction industry.
      We’re being taken over …
      bottom up, top down, now they’re destroying
      the middle class …..
      It’s time folk’s …it’s time !

      1. Paraclete
        For the last 25 yrs I have been the token whiteboy on any construction crew that I have worked on. And, I make less than I did 35 years ago when I started in the trade. It is that way with any trade now a days. Next time any of you drive by a construction site slow down and look at all of the workers… I rest my case!

        Needless to say, I just do my own adventures now a days off grid, out of the matrix. Pays better and less work.

        1. The only people who you see doing construction work in Texas are the Mexicans. Just drive by any construction site and like Smilardog says, “I rest my case”. It’s like manual labor is no longer for Americans anymore. It’s disgusting.

  2. This event should have been on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to get any attention. With it happening on the weekend, the country and people will not even know it happened. There is slightly less traffic on the weekend. The truckers will not be affecting traffic as much as they would in the middle of the week. Most of Congress is out of town on the weekends. Staff is at home. Media has weekends off. It will be as if nothing happened.

    The organizers HAD to know this!

    This event is nothing more than an attempt to have the people blow off a little steam and make them think that they did something significant.

    If the people want their country back, Do what Gandhi did.

    1. They wanted to do it on a holiday weekend I guess. More people at home to see it happen. Plus they wanted to attend the memorial event as well, along with more functions on Sunday. They wanted visibility. This won’t be the only truck event either bullwinkle. This thing got attention from all over the world. This was a big learning experience.

    2. gandhi choke slamed congress and hanged them in the street?
      gandhi immolated the senate on national tv?
      gandhi put a hot poker up the presidents bung to seal it shut and fed him refrieds until he burst?

  3. The only way this truck protest would have succeeded is if it wasn’t announced (just like the false flags committed by TPTB).

    There are probably people on this website (Henry) whom are old enough to remember the 1973 OPEC oil embargo, and what the truckers did to protest the high fuel prices and the Interstate speed limits being reduced to 55 MPH. One trucker protest in particular stands out in my memories, and it was not announced beforehand:


    Instead of blocking the DC beltway, they should have blocked every major Interstate in and out of DC, or better yet, every major Interstate exchange coast to coast. There wouldn’t be enough cops, National Guard, or tow trucks available to remove it all, especially if cars got involved.

    “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” – Theodore Roosevelt

    1. Who said that this will be the only event? I’m hearing many more to follow. BTW, cars were involved with this event. Haven’t you been paying attention?

      Go here and read some of the comments. People from all over the world were involved with this, cheering it on.


      A complete success.

      1. Mark– I have seen the trucks, cars, and spectators on the overpasses. At best it was a mild nuisance, with very little impact. I live about an hour from DC. I agree with Bullwinkle; it should have at least been done when our government was in session… not on a weekend when there are no commuters.

        To harm the Beast you have to put a cork in its ass, and then when all the shit backs-up, you immobilize it. This is why I posted the link to the I-80 trucker blockade of December 1973… NOTHING could move East or West on the Interstate, and all frontage roads were clogged with bypassing traffic. I call this a success!

        “I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom”- General George S. Patton

        1. Baby steps,

          It’s going to take awhile. Too many scared people in this country. This isn’t like Egypt, where everybody is a national, we are weak in that respect. Our young people have been ipad brainwashed. Looking down at their smartphones and not looking forward at reality. The smart phone posture.Smartphone in one hand, hunched over complaining about back pain.

          I guess we will agree to disagree about the event though.

          1. better to have done this,success or failure!

            Than to Have Done Nothing…….
            The majority of those who come to the computer everday and complain………..
            do little else than that……
            These people actually got out and did something………

          2. I agree with the entire notion of jamming-up the I-495 beltway around DC; however, it needed to make a major impact. In other words: do it right or wait until it can be done with maximum effect.

            I have seen worse traffic jams on the beltway during the summer months when people are going to the NC Outer Banks, or Ocean City, MD, and this is normal congestion. There were a couple of situations where trucks ran side-by-side in all 4-lanes at <20 MPH but this was not a static condition in this demonstration. To most of the people that commuted in/out of D.C. on Friday, it appeared normal with the exception to inverted flags on vehicles, and people with signs.

            It takes a lot to be noticed in D.C.. It's like a woman walking down Lexington Avenue in NYC wearing a pink bathrobe, with bright red hair and green pancake make-up all over her body… hardly anyone would notice.

            You made an excellent point regarding foreign nationals driving trucks on our highways, whom would never get involved in a demonstration like this. However, it only takes 4-trucks to block one side of the beltway, and the other side would almost crawl to a stop, rubber necking the congestion on the other side.

            The civil dissenting acts of Gandhi and MLK have no bearing in our present day circumstances… it will take people with the balls to impose defiant, disruptive actions (like the WWII veterans who angrily broke through the barriers to visit their monument). It would also take more than the one truck to be considered successful, Mark.

            BTW, I hope you are correct, and that there will be bigger future events than this one.

  4. If you build it they will come. making monsanto and dow trucks immovable would be a great start. Perhaps others can think of a few other trucks to stop…

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