‘Taking Back Christmas From The Gretch’: Michigan residents plan massive Christmas light parade

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LANSING, MI – The Democrat Governor of Michigan is reminding people that although it is Christmas time, they should all stay home because of her lockdown orders and the pandemic.

While some people may heed her warnings, there are those that have decided they will not. 

They, instead, will throw a large Christmas light parade to celebrate the season.

Gretchen Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan, recently said:

“My directive to the citizens of Michigan has nothing to do with how many COVID cases there are. 

“No matter what we show in the next 12 days, I am discouraging people from gathering for Christmas.  If our numbers come down a good amount, it still doesn’t mean that COVID is gone at Christmas. 

“Let’s hunker down for the next few weeks and months.”

While some may listen to her, there are many who are fed up with the lockdown restrictions she has imposed on the state and simply refuse to heed to them.

One such group, the Michigan Grassroots Patriot Leaders, is not only refusing to lock down, they are planning on throwing a large Christmas Light parade.

Their complaint is that Michigan Health and Human Services has successfully shut down numerous Christmas events, restaurants, theaters, and practically any other form of entertainment in which people may gather indoors.

This group believes that they have been prey to Whitmer and her policies and refuse to take it anymore, especially during Christmas.

The group is hosting a Christmas Light Parade at the Michigan State Capitol on December 23rd from 4pm to 7pm.

The event has aptly been named, “When the Gretch stole Christmas…the people took it back!”  The flyer of the event shows the body of the grinch with the face of Whitmer.

The event is advertised to provide an opportunity for “Michigan to stand together and share Christmas Cheer.  This is a chance for the whole state to come together and find unity, healing, and hope.

“Because HOPE is what Christmas is all about.”

The group announced that that they will be collecting donations to help the Homeless and Grand Rapids Home for Veterans and are asking that those that can donate, do so at the donation trucks and tents.

They also noted that attendance is free, but they are accepting monetary donations to go towards the cost of sponsoring the event.

Although no one from Whitmer’s office has commented on this potential event, and whether or not it will be allowed, Whitmer herself reached out to school aged children, virtually, with Santa as her guest.

Instead of simply wishing all of the children well and to have a Merry Christmas, she and Santa instead took the opportunity to spread proper pandemic protocols.

When Whitmer invited the children to ask Santa questions, instead of asking for gifts, the children asked Santa about COVID-19 protocols and precautions.

One of the children asked if Santa had to wear a mask to which he said that he did.  Another child asked if the virus had made it to the North Pole. Although the children were told that it had not, Santa said that he and the elves are getting tested regularly.

One of the children asked Santa how she could keep people safe during the pandemic.  Santa replied:

“What I would suggest to do is what the governor is telling all the people of the great state of Michigan to do. 

“Social distance, wash your hands and make sure you wear your masks when you’re outside your home.”

Whitmer then told the group:

“This year has to look a little bit different so we can stay safe.”

In other words, stay home, do not have family gatherings, and for God’s sake, do not have traditional Christmas events and traditions.

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