5 thoughts on “Talmudic Jews: Non-Jews Are Beasts To Serve Jews As Slaves. Each One Of Us Will Have 2800 Slaves.

  1. I would say that we also make knives, cleavers, and ammunition and that we will serve you with Sweet Baby Rays, but you are so grotesque I could not make myself ingest you.
    Probably best to serve you to the pigs then shoot the pigs and use their bodies for fertilizer to grow a non-edible product.
    You f-king look like you could force me to serve you. Whoever you hire to try it can expect the same f-king treatment.
    Right when I think I’ve seen the sickest aspect of your kike asses, BAM! there is something more repulsive.
    Getting close to bedtime, mother f-kers.

  2. I saw this video (which is part of a larger video) a couple of years ago, done by some Jewish guy who opposes Talmudic Jewry (he might be Israeli, not sure). In this he’s talking to members of an “anti-Zionist” Orthodox Jewish group known as Nuturei Karta, who claim to support Palestinians (yeah, right!) and oppose the state of Israel existence UNTIL “Ha Mossiach” (aka the anti-Christ) returns to the temple in Jerusalem. This video woke me up to the fact that ALL TALMUDIC JEWS are on the side of Satan against Christ, and ALL will use Noahide to “decapitate all idolators” aka believers in Christ. The rest, which may also include non-Talmudic Jews, will be “slaves” to these members of the (Rev. 2:9 and 3:9) Synagogue of Satan…but some Talmudics say it’ll only be 800 “slaves per Jew.”

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