Technology to Seal our Southern Border – Yeah, that’s the Ticket

The devastating sequester cuts are going to reduce manpower on the border, bringing new attention to border patrol technology.  Apparently there is a plethora of machines ready to step up, or more precisely roll up, and take on the challenge – cameras, robots, drones, I guess the drones will be flying up.  At any rate, this will all be free equipment…not.

In the end result, the high technology will cost more to do basically the same job, which is no job at all, as ICE Agents have already been told to leave the poor immigrants and their backpacks full of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, alone, as they are just coming here for a better life.  And if they do wind up being arrested for a crime committed against an American national, well they will be released, as we cannot afford to house them because of the sequester.  

So what is it?  Are we supposed to be blind or just stupid?

The fact of the matter is we might as well put all the border patrol agents on permanent furlough, sell all of their vehicles, cameras, drones, and other equipment and put that money towards the fraudulent debt.

I mean let’s get real here.  For all intents and purposes, our southern border is wide open and can be crossed without consequence at will by anyone, from any country who can get to the Mexican side of the border.  In fact it would seem the only reason we have a border patrol is to employ the last generation of Mexicans who crossed into our country illegally and were given amnesty by Bush.

Anyway, that is my take on it, that is unless I’m missing something here.

God bless the Republic, death to international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

8 thoughts on “Technology to Seal our Southern Border – Yeah, that’s the Ticket

  1. If they had any intention, or even the slightest desire to “seal our border” it would have been done decades ago, but now they have the “devastating sequester cuts” (which no one seemed to notice) as an excuse for inviting a few million more criminals into the country.

  2. In case anyone was in any doubt about the satanic illuminati that control the world. If you want to know who rules over you all you need to do is recognize whom you are not allowed to criticize.

    Headline in todays Telegraph states that the Pope as his first priority was to write to the chief Rabbi in Rome:

    Pope pledges ‘renewed collaboration with Jews’

  3. Well, I had suggested to my Senator to plant land mines along our Southern
    border with lighted billboards to ‘cross at own risk’ but have not seen
    this materialize. This would seem the cheapest and most secure
    alternative. Our boarder is high priority. Don’t forget the pending terrorists.

  4. Swiss cheese has less holes in it than the Mexican border.

    Virtually limitless cheap labor is why.

  5. Move the White House, the senate and congress to one of the Border States then watch a quick solution to the problem

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